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More to the "Now I've heard everything file."?

Alberta, roundly known as Canada's version of Redneck USA, has decided to become known as anti-ejimakashun with the Inclusion of a Rider that puts Teachers into a precarious position. Bill 44, which after a decade of Activism by the Gay Community, enshrines Gay Rights into Alberta's Human Rights Act, included a contentious rider that allows parents to pull their children from class and have the teacher charged with a Human Rights Violation if they disagree with what is being taught if it relates to Human Sexuality, Sexual Orientation, or violates their Religious Beleifs. Please read the attached article (first link), and tell us all if you think it's a good thing or a bad thing.

The second link is for all results dealing with Bill 44 (for those wanting more background).

What I find particularily objectionable is that *anything* can be touted up as part of someone's Religious Beliefs - were I a teacher and taught about WWII, simply mentioning the organised slaughter of Jews, Gypsies, and Homosexuals in class could see me Charged under the Alberta Human Rights Act as violating the Religious Views of at least half a dozen cults and several branches of Muslim beliefs, as could teaching my class that Women and Men are Equal in the eyes of the Law, and that the Girls have as much right to live how they wish as do the Boys...care to count how many cults and mainstream Religions I just insulted?

So...what do you think?




Yes Mike...I can. But I'm not an Albertan, so I won't offer unless asked.

Update 2:

Well...three answers - one opinionless idiot, a semi-off-topic opinion, and an "I think it's bad"... Anyone else want to add their 2% of a dollar?

Update 3:

Actually Andrew...the PC crowd did "win" this one...and that is not a Good Thing. Oh, by the way - were you a teacher in Alberta and you made that statement in front of my child, you would be facing the same Human Rights Violation risk from a Rationalist, Realist, or Athiest as someone teaching Science to the child of a close-minded Reactionary Religious Fundimentalist. Heck...teaching that pi=22/7 could see a Maths teacher facing those charges because the Catholic Church many centuries ago declared pi (π) to be 3... Oh, and also consider that the ONLY reason the bill passed with the rider on it was that the Premier required his party to vote for it, even after promising a free vote (had it been a free vote it would have failed, when you consider that the majority of the Members - even in the Premier's party - were against it!).

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    This is the proverbial one step forward, then three steps back and then two steps to the left. This is not unusual from a Conservative government in those parts. They have been "snubbing" the law of the land (Supreme Court) for more then a decade and when they are about to make it right, they add additional items so it would change the meaning.

    The granting parents the right to pull their children out should have never been in this law or be part of the human rights ideal. If they wanted to do it right, it could have gone in the School Act or have it as it's own law.

    I do believe in one of the letters that was written on this subject that it can create extreme bigotry or racism as the parent will be allowed to keep a child's mind "closed to the world's events" due to the parent's religious believe. As an example, the writer pointed out a case in Manitoba about a young child that is spouting racist comments that was taught by the parent. Agreed that this is a extreme case, but it is a possibility.

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  • I don't see what the problem is. People did not have religious freedoms for centuries but these have become well established in the last few hundred years.

    Religious people should not ask "how high" just because some people who have fallen for the ridiculous theory of evolution tell them to "jump". I'm very pleased to hear that Albertans did not allow themselves to be steam-rollered by the politically correct crowd.

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    Personally I agree with Manitobu. And I feel bad for all those teachers, You plan your class outline for the year , just to have some parents ***** and complain about things that could be usefully to the kids later on in life.

    I am not a parent yet...I say yet because I am pregnant. I already know, as a soon to be mother that I would want my kid to have an open mind about everything,sex,religion, homosexuality anything.

    How is a kid to learn what is out there if mom and dad pull them out of class?

    I am happy (not at the time, I wasn't) that I had about 8 years of sex ed.

    My mother never pulled me out of class and I learned alot of things, even things my mother thought were pointless for us to learn.

    Oh, I have something to say to MikeGolf. What is your solution? You criticize him but yet you don't give your own solution...

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    Manitou has it pretty much right. Parents always have had the right to remove their kids from a class if they chose to. I am hearing things from various parts of the world saying how according to group a event a didn't happen and so on. This is a continuance of the narrow mindedness that seems to be arising more and more. The form of the Government has nothing to do with it.

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    Exactly why the founders of the U.S.A. included separation of Church and State. You cannot possibly teach facts without possibly offending some religious group and you cannot please them all.

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      Actually, no. Read your own histories. The reason the separation between the two was included was so that no one sect could control the gov't and make the others illegal. It was the only thing that all sects agreed on in US history.

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    Instead of criticizing - can you come up with a better solution?

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