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chihuahua wont eat his eats Hill's Prescription Diet,somthing the vet recommended.?

We just a chihuahua this week & he eats Hill's Prescription Diet,somthing the vet recommended because it has

the proper nurtrients a chihuahua needs. so the first 5 days I guess he was okay with it,and 2 days ago he started to not eat it.yesterday we bought him a new can food from the store,and once i put his food on the bowl he loved it.but now i am unsure about giving him the new can food since i heard dogs get sick and could get diarrhea because of the change :S he did poop after he ate the can food,and it wasnt watery, is this a good sign????

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    Believe it or not, Vets don't know a whole lot about nutrition. The only reason they recommend and sell Science Diet and Iams, is because they make money off of the sales. You need to stay away from all foods that are sold in Grocery Stores or stores like Walmart. They are all garbage and the worst food you can feed your Chi's. You need to go with a higher quality food. It may be a little more expensive, but they don't eat as much and they still get all the right nutrition that they need, so in the long run, the food lasts longer. Here are a list of great high quality foods I would recommend.





    California Natural

    Natural Balance

    Taste Of The Wild


    Chicken Soup For The Puppy Lover's Soul


    Eagle Pack Holistic


    Blue Buffalo

    The Honest Kitchen

    Flint River Ranch

    I feed my Chihuahuas Merrick, Innova , Wellness and California Natural. I rotate their food.

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    It's a little unclear why you are feeding your dog the Hills. If it is actually a prescription diet then it would be because your dog has a health condition that your vet is trying to manage or help manage through diet. This is very different from recommending a food "because it has the proper nutrients a chihuahua needs." While I am not a fan of the Hills non-prescription diets, their prescription diets are formulated for a very specific purpose and I would NOT recommend just suddenly changing the diet if your dog is eating a particular food to help manage a medical condition.

    Vets may not be nutrition experts, and I would not necessarily take their word for nutrition of regular non-prescription dog food, but the prescription diets that are available ONLY through vets targeted to treat or manage medical conditions have been developed through years of thorough scientific research and are backed by studies proving that these diets actually DO help. I have a cat who needs a prescription diet to prevent urine crystals from forming. After YEARS of trying many different diets, the ONLY one that he has managed to eat without developing a bladder infection every 4-6 months is a prescription diet sold through veterinarians (it's not a Hill's diet, even on the Hill's c/d he still got infections, although not as often as with OTC foods). Based off the ingredients, it's not something I would pick up off the feed store shelf to feed my cats but it does keep him healthy and that's even more important than whether or not it has ingredients that I prefer.

    If your dog is eating a regular Hill's diet (one you could purchase at Petsmart or some other pet store without a prescription from your vet) because your vet suggested that it was somehow healthier than any other brand, then I would suggest getting a second opinion. Chihuahuas do NOT have any special nutritional needs that are different from any other dog and they do NOT require a special food to meet their nutritional needs. Anyone who tells you otherwise is scamming you to make money. Chihuahuas often benefit from a "small bites" formula, which is the same as a regular dog food except that the kibble size is smaller, but these days pretty much all dog food brands come in a small enough kibble size for a chihuahua to handle.

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    I would not heed the advice of anyone who tells you not to feed Hill's Science Diet. Had they actually read what you posted, they would have realized you said Hill's PRESCRIPTION Diet. That's a whole nother ballpark. Set the food out in the mornings, and pick it up after 20 minutes. Do the same in the evenings, and after a couple days, the dog will start eating. Don't give him the canned dog food unless it's in the prescription. Your dog is on this food because something is wrong, not because of the nutrient factor. Being there is something wrong, people on here should NOT be telling you to go against your vet and buy "higher quality" food. You could do more damage by doing that.

    Don't feed the dog any treats until the dog starts eating regularly again, and then they should be whatever the vet prescribes and only be given sparingly, maybe a few times a week.

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    Is there a medical reason your vet has your dog on a prescription diet? These foods are not just for Chi nutrition, there has to be a medical reason to be feeding this food, such as bowel issues, diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease, etc.

    If there is something wrong with your Chi and the vet told you to feed a prescription diet, then you should feed a prescription diet. Anything else could make a medical condition much worse. If your dog won't eat it, you should be discussing this with your vet and see if you can find a healthy alternative.

    Canned food from the store is not the right way to go.

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    What ur supposed to do when u switch foods is add a little at a time.

    Example: if ur chihuahua eats 2 cups of food then the first day put

    1 1/2 cups of the normal food and the 1/2 the new food.

    Next feeding 1 cup of each

    Next feeding 1/2 normal food 1 1/2 new food

    Next feeding all new food

    Hope this helps! good luck!

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    Hill's Science Diet is pure garbage ... full of fillers and by-products. Your vet is a vet not a nutritionist.

    As another person posted go to dogfoodanalysis.com, click on reviews. They will give you a rating, list the ingredients and tell you why they gave it the rating they did. Find something in the 4-5-6 range.

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    First off, Science Diet is crap food - vets promote it because they get PAID to do so.

    Second, you should not feed primarily CANNED food as it's mainly water and has very little actual nutrients.

    You need to find a dry kibble that meets the following criteria:

    - NO corn

    - NO by-products

    - NAMED meat meals in top five ingredients

    - NO fillers (beet pulp, corn, etc)

    - NO dyes

    Put it down three times a day for 20 minutes, then pick it up. Healthy dogs will NOT starve themselves if food is available. PERIOD. If you start feeding canned then you will spoil the dog to food and it will be hard to start back on kibble - kibble should be the main diet unless you go raw.

    Good foods:

    - Innova

    - EVO

    - Canidae

    - Taste of the Wild

    - Wellness

    - California Natural

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    chihuahuas can suffer with colitis, if you change there food you should do it slowly. A good food i use on my chis is royal cain chihuahua food, it is made for the chihuahua. A prescription food is expensive and only avaiable from a vet. Is this a t/d food, as this is to help keep teeth clean, so many different ones around. Do you no why your chi has been put on to it.

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    you should switch to a higher quality food.

    vet's do not undergo extensive dog nutrition training, they only recommend that stuff because it's stocked in their offices (they get paid for it) same with science diet.

    go to http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com and switch to a food on the 4-6 star range.

    and look up hill's prescription diet just for giggles. compare the difference in ingredients.

  • Just becuase you have a Chihuahua doesnt mean you cant put him on a Raw Diet!

    That food you are feeding him is crap... no matter what your vet tells you like eveyone else before me has said, the vets get paid to sell and promote it, so they could you sell you anything and you'd believe them because they are a vet and they are supposed to know what is best for our animals... WELL GUESS WHAT? they know jack schitt.

    Here a few links to get you started on starting a raw diet...




    If you want any help with other sites or need to ask any questions feel free to pop me an email :o) good luck.

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