a poem problem^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^?

i have a to write a poem. The Writing topics is Dream worlds.

What can i write about?

and can you give me an example>? Tyxxx

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  • Jay
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    1 decade ago
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    In my world, I dream of deep blue sky's and swirling springs,

    where there are no wars and killing machines.

    In my world,where faeries fly as free as birds,

    and animals and man converse with words.

    In my world where flowers bloom all year round,

    and there are no storms and thunderous sounds

    etc------------the rest is up to you .

    And don't worry if you want to use this, because I just thought it up. So you are not stealing any ones poetry.


  • 1 decade ago

    well, it depends how u interpret that. u can write about what would b paradise for u. or something like a refuge. a place where you can feel safe but isn't really existing as of the moment. it's basically as the topic says. dress it up a little. say u want to be locked up in a little snowing crystal ball where it's always snowing inside

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