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Christians can you explain these statistics to me?

They stated this on a well known chrisitan t.v. show about 5 years ago

A white christian who goes to church will live an average of 2 years longer than a white atheist

A black christian who goes to church will live an average of 25 years longer than a black atheist. I think it's because african churches are usually pentecostal... that's my opinion.

Can you explain to me why the difference between black christians and black atheists is great while the difference between white christians and white atheists is so small?


I'm neither white nor black... I'm chinese.... so I have a neutral opinion. I just wanted to know WHY.

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    Many things are stated on "well known Christian television" which have absolutely no relevance or basis in truth. I am Christian, but knowing the source of these statistics does not validate this as fact to me. In fact, these sound suspiciously concocted to support some man's doctrine driven with racist means.

    Believers of any ethnicity do not necessarily live longer. In fact, if they're out there preaching the gospel as the Apostle Paul preached it, then chances are they're going to encounter more opposition, more persecution, and perhaps even be martyred for their faith, instead of living to their prime.

    It would be an interesting thing to consider, if there were any truth to it. But as it is, Pentacostal or not, black and white or not....our days are numbered according to our choices, affected by chance, and ultimately determined by the One who holds our lives in the palm of His hand.

    If it's truth you seek - turn off the television and get into the Word.

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    Personal opinion only.

    1) African-American men largely do not go to the doctor as regularly as Anglo-Saxon types.

    -- I saw a special on the news recently about a local doctor setting up temporary clinics in Barber Shops, so African-American men would get the checkups that need.

    2) African-American people by and large are not affluent, so their access to healthy diet, organic food, gym memberships, etc. (as well as health-care) is circumscribed

    ___So where does Christianity fall into this question?___

    My feeling is that African-American that regularly go to Church, are blessed by God, and they in obedience to God try to abstain from sinful behaviours (7 deadly sins type stuff: promiscuous sex, drugs, gluttony, sloth, etc.)

    You avoid a few vices (your body will be naturally healthier), and get your heart right with the Lord (your soul will have peace = lowered stress levels) means that you will probably live longer.

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    There is a selection bias. People who go to Church are mobile and active. Some part of those who remain at home are suffering from disabilities or illness. I do not know about the difference between races that you mention.

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    I really have no idea. Why would we know why Atheist, statistically speaking, live shorter than Christians? Ask the Atheists.

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    Have you ever seen a black church service? They are joyful events! They bring happiness to the congregation. As opposed to the white-we are all going to hell-services which are depressing.

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    This is all posited on racial purity, right.

    Now there's a tipoff about your worth.

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    There are no truths to these statistics. Just lies.

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    I have no idea

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