What Degrees are available in Business?

Can you list all the business degree available?

Thank You

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    There are lots of them. Different schools have different ones, and there may be variations on what they're called and how they're bundled.

    I went to http://www.collegeboard.com/csearch/majors_careers... for this information: (I clicked on Business in the Major Categories column)

    # Business

    * Accounting and Finance

    o Accounting

    o Accounting and Business Management

    o Accounting and Finance

    o Accounting Technology and Bookkeeping

    o Auditing

    o Banking and Financial Support Services

    o Credit Management

    o Finance

    o Financial Planning

    o International Finance

    o Investments and Securities

    o Public Finance

    * Business Support and Assistant Services

    o Administrative Assistance and Secretarial Science

    o Customer Service

    o Executive Assistant and Executive Secretary

    o General Office Services

    o Office Technology

    o Receptionist

    o Warehousing and Inventory Management

    * Business Management and Administration

    o Business Administration and Management

    o Construction Management

    o Customer Service Management

    o Ecommerce

    o Hospitality Administration and Management

    o Hotel and Motel Management

    o Logistics and Materials Management

    o Nonprofit Management

    o Office Management

    o Operations Management

    o Professional Golf Management

    o Purchasing, Procurement, and Contracts Management

    o Resort Management

    o Restaurant and Food Services Management

    o Tourism and Travel Management

    o Transportation Management

    * Human Resources

    o Human Resources Development

    o Human Resources Management

    o Labor and Industrial Relations

    o Labor Studies

    o Organizational Behavior Studies

    * Sales and Marketing

    o Apparel and Accessories Marketing Operations

    o Auctioneering

    o Fashion Merchandising

    o Fashion Modeling

    o Financial Services Marketing Operations

    o Hospitality and Recreation Marketing

    o International Marketing

    o Marketing

    o Marketing Research

    o Merchandising and Buying Operations

    o Retailing

    o Sales and Distribution

    o Selling Skills and Sales Operations

    o Special Products Marketing Operations

    o Tourism and Travel Services Marketing Operations

    o Tourism Marketing

    o Vehicle Parts and Accessories Marketing Operations

    * Actuarial Science

    * Business and Managerial Economics

    * Business Communications

    * Business, General

    * Business Statistics

    * Entrepreneurial Studies

    * Franchising

    * Information Resources Management

    * Insurance

    * International Business

    * Knowledge Management

    * Management Information Systems

    * Management Science

    * Real Estate

    * Small Business Administration and Management

    * Taxation

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  • 1 decade ago

    Business Marketing

    Business Accounting

    Business Computer Information Systems

    thats what my shcool offers plus an MBA

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