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Sims 3 keeps crashing?

I just installed Sims 3 and it keeps crashing. The System Requirement test says my laptop is twice the Minimum Req. And the settings are on low.

I've basically been running the game for 3 hours and had 3 crashes: Right after CAS (it saved the family), right after I built the house (house needed to be rebuilt), and then once when I tried to go to the map.

Is this supposed to happen, or is it just me? Anyway I can fix it? Hardware, softare, PC maintenance, anything? I don't understand any of this so if you spot a problem tell me:

CPU: 2 Processors ; Genuine Intel T2500 @ 2.00GHz

CPU Speed: 2.00 GHz rated at 3.74 GHz

System Ram: 1022MB

Windows XP Home ; Service Pack 22600

Video card: ATI Mobility Radeon X1400

-Video Ram: 512MB

-Video Card 3D Acceleration: Yes

-Pixel shader: 3.0

Video card driver:

Sound card: SoundMAX HD Audio

Sound card driver: 1.0

Free Disk Space: 8.6 GB

(I know if I use Task Manager to close some processes I can free up Memory. Unfortunately when I do that I gotta reboot for the internet to work again.)


The official requirements say "1GB of RAM". ... But you think I should get more?

If I restart my computer (to kill any non-startup processes), then kill all startup processes, I can go from 500 to 380. But Like I said, that means I must restart after to get internet back.

(feels PC) It's not really getting warm. The game runs a bit slower than Sims 2, but it works fine until it crashes; to Desktop, not BSoD.

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    First off, does it allow you to actually play it before it crashes? or does it just crash upon loading it? Is your laptop getting hot? By hot I mean feel the entire laptop, the base of the screen, the top of the keyboard area and underneath where the power goes in. Laptops are really not the best 'gaming' machines due to their compact size. Not a lot of places for the heat to go so it doesn't take much to burn them out. It is entirely possible that it is your video card. However it really depends on how the game itself is operating for you.

    *EDIT* Im assuming you haven't added some new more demanding hardware to your laptop. So it sounds like its your video card. If your graphics card is separate from the mother board you can consider replacing it for something with more power. You also have to consider the power supply. If it doesn't have enough wattage to supply everything with then it can cause similar problems (only that problem usually crashes the comp. completely). If you haven't dusted out the inside of your laptop recently that is very important to do. You can get some air duster and give it a good spray inside which will cut back on the heat inside and sometimes that can even improve performance.

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    thats not alot of ram it takes a gig of ram just to run sims 2 i can't think of how much sims 3 uses plus the background stuff running on your computer knocks you down to about 500 mb of ram right there not nearly enough

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    Try updating your video card. It needs to be the latest version.

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