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Is being small more an advantage or a disadvantage to insects?

Most insects are small as compared to most vertabrates. Do you think being small is more an advantage or a disadvantage to insects?? give evidence pleaseee

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    Insects can only exist in a small size.

    Insect respiration is accomplished without lungs using a system of internal tubes and sacs through which gases either diffuse or are actively pumped, delivering oxygen directly to tissues that need oxygen.

    As size increases linearly, surface area increases by the square and volume increases by the cube. The larger the insect, the less oxygen it can absorb. Its size is limited by the oxygen delivery system. Because of this, the insect's small size is an advantage.

    One result of the same size/volume ratio is that insects can reproduce in very large numbers - an advantage to a species. But a disadvantage to an individual whose defenses are limited by it's size.


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    It depends. Being small can have ups like being less noticable, but can have downsides like not being able to fight predators. Being small can have ups like being faster and stronger, but can have downsides like being more noticeable. You have to research the different kinds of natural selection (stablizing, directional, disruptive, and sexual) to have a better understanding of the matter.

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