Has anyone here had Hip Replacement on Medicare?

I need both hips replaced - have had both shoulders done while on company insurance. I need to know if I can afford to have it. How much out of pocket for this, or does it cover all except the deductible?


Medicare is my provider - Parts A & B. I had an advantage plan last year but it was the cheapest I could find and went up10 $174 a month, plus the $98 already was just out of my budget! I just have not used it and wondered what to expect after the $1068 deductible.

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    IMHO if you're going to get both hips replaced it would be worth it for you to buy supplemental insurance. For example, there will probably be the 20% copay. for outpatient PT, durable med. equipment, doctor visits, etc. And don't forget about the possibility that you will need blood, either your own or donor blood. There are lots of costs besides just the hospital stay. And don't forget Rx drug coverage or the possibility that you may need to go to a rehab center for a period of time (most patients don't do this but it's always a possibility, especially if you have both hips done at the same time).

    I am on medicare and have enrolled in a Part D Rx plan and a Medicare Cost plan which covers absolutely everything. My monthly total is the Part B cost + $17 for Part D + $91 for the Cost Plan. So for $108/month + Part B (is it $98?), a total of about $206/ month, I'm covered.

    The billed cost of my hospital stays 7 years ago was around $18,000 each. I figure there was another $5-7,000 for each surgery in surgeon fees, physical therapy, home health care. In addition I had to have one post-op radiation treatment (to prevent heterotopic ossification in one of my hips) which probably cost a grand or two. Plus, of course, an ambulance ride to the radiation center. There's all sorts of costs that you could get hit with.

    The cost to me for each of my hip replacements was $100 each time to cover a private room for 4 days, a co-pay for drugs, and the crutches that I purchased for about $65 which I used for both surgeries. That was about it. Everything else was paid for out of my insurance.

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    Best thing is to ask your carrier and ask your primary provider for an estimate costs. He might not give you an exact amount because he don't know what's you needs are going to be or who the doctor/surgeon will perform the surgery. Every doctors charges differently and don't forget the anaesthesiologists, that's kind of expensive too.

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