What are people wearing in London now?

Parkas/Jackets? Jumpers and cardigans? T-shirts?

Basically, I want to be dressed for the weather when I get there on Thursday. The weather report says 10-20 C, but in my experience, this can be hot or cold. 20 C where I live now is very cold (jumper weather), while 20 C in Canberra (where I lived 10 years ago) was t-shirt weather.

Also, how useful is a folding umbrella in London? My friend tells me it will be ruined in no time, bring a non-folding. But non-foldings are so inconvenient to carry.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    last week it was really nice weather, shorts and t shirt weather but its got cloudier and wetter and colder this week :( so jeans and tshirt/jumper when going out. can be a bit rainy so be prepared for showers.

    thursday there is a reasonable chance of rain and highs of 17/18 celsius with moderate winds so bring a jacket/jumper with you cause it could get quite cold in the winds.

  • 1 decade ago

    Wearing jackets and raincoats right now. Likely to be even wetter on Thursday with temperature about 17C. There is usually some wind, which makes it feel colder.

    I always use a folding umbrella. A good quality one is expensive, but doesn't ruin quickly.

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