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Should I trade Dan Haren for Cole Hamels?

I'm thinking Hamels will turn it around, but Haren's stats will cool off in the second half, as they usually do.

My roster:

Brian McCann

Adam Dunn

Brandon Phillips

David Wright

Jimmy Rollins

Torii Hunter

Alfonso Soriano

Nelson Cruz

Joey Votto (DL)

Magglio Ordonez

Felipe Lopez

Dan Uggla


Dan Haren

Roy Halladay

C.C. Sabathia

John Lackey

Derek Lowe

A.J. Burnett

Bobby Jenks

Heath Bell

Fransisco Cordero

Phil Hughes

Randy Wolf

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    i would say it all depends on what type of league you are in.

    rotisserie: no

    head-to-head: yes

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    dan haren has the best whip in the majors. he'll give you strikeouts every start and wins if the offense can ever give him runs.

    dont hope cole turns it around. keep haren.

    youre HOPING cole turns it around and ASSUMING haren chills off. you cant do that.

  • 4 years ago

    with out wisdom the set up of your league (aspects, roto, h2h), it particularly is very no longer difficulty-loose, yet I even have constantly been an remarkable fan of a small offensive bench and an remarkable pitching bench. In optimal leagues, Ortiz and Hafner are the two only DH's, in the event that they qualify for IF (if this may be a area of interest on your league), take this with a grain of salt. seems such as you start up 3 positional outfielders and a couple of everyday ones. if that's the case, you do no longer decide for Victorino or Podsednik. Matsui is now on the DL, don't be attentive to in case you have yet yet another DL spot. in case you have Hafner, Ortiz and Howard, mutually as could desire to you ever use Thome. commerce one (or 2) of people that could desire to grant you the ideal bang for the dollar. interior the journey that your league values comprehensive video games, attempt and commerce for Campuano or Oswalt. Lackey for Thome could desire to be an remarkable deal, for Oswalt, you may could desire to artwork a commerce Oswalt and X for Ortiz/Hafner and Y the region Y is a splash better smart than X. bill hall is bodily valuable, don't be pushed into paying for and advertising him different than you get some element smart. hall and Hafner for Oswalt and an enhance at third base could desire to be an progression for the two communities. Richie weeks is particularly suffering suitable now, i could desire to truly have BJ Upton masking his butt mutually as he qualifies as 2nd Base in his next sport. Casey is junk, you may desire to via no skill decide for him alongside jointly with your team. So, in precis, better pitching, much less offensive bench.

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    I wouldn't make this trade straight up, since you should never make a trade solely based on a player turning it around.

    I would try to get another player out of it, maybe another outfielder or catcher.

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  • Penny
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    I agree. Haren is an injury and performance risk 2nd half.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    never trade for a player in hopes they turn it around... very very risky

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