Has anyone read The Body by Steven King? oral presentation help?

how does each character deal with what people expect them to be, and how do they stray from the pattern?

that is the question I have to answer about the characters Gordie, Vern, Chris, and Teddy, a 10 min oral presentation and also an essay.

I am thinking to talk about how everyone thinks Gordie will be gifted bc his brother is, and bc ppl have high hopes for him he reaches those goals.

teddy and vern ppl in their town think they have no chance in life and will never be anything, because of their brothers and parents, and they dot they stay hoodlums forever

and chris , though ppl have low expectations for him he crosses over and shows them he ios smart and can be diff then his fam.

any other ideas?

I also need a creative way to get the class involved. please help think??

the question was

how does each character deal with what people expect them to be, and how do they stray from the pattern . i kow how they stray away but not sure how they DEAL with what ppl expect them to be, or is that the same thing?

HELP lol thanks.. if anyone does..

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    Gordie deals with it by focusing what he is good at - storytelling. He hangs out with friends who appreciate his talents even if adults don't approve of them.

    Chris deals by separating himself from his family. He avoids hanging out with his brother and Ace's crew, and tries to be responsible and surround himself with people who have respect. He attempts to do things that will impress people, like taking honors courses and stopping fights.

    Teddy deals by focusing on a goal: going into the military like his father, demonstrating that his father is a worthwhile role model.

    Vern loses himself in fantasy. He distances himself from the real world by playing games like pirates, burying pennies under the porch.

    Source(s): I love this novella!
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