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SPACE CRAFT????? help pleaseeee?

The Space station which Canadian Bob Thirsk is visiting as you are writing this has cost an enourmous amount of money and one of your friends thinaks that spending money on studies that go beyond our planet is just a waste of resources. Explain to your friend why this is worthwhile.

PLeas Please Help mee!

i need exampless.. so far i have..... better spacecrafts that go much faster(blah blah blah), planets with life, better telescopes....

i need moreeeee!

Can you provide examples please, and if with a reason (s) that would be fantastic. Thank youu!

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    The money spent on space exploration is not spent in space, but on earth. NASA does not shoot bundles of $100 bills into space to be lost forever, but uses the money to pay for research and education and to provide good jobs for thousands of people.

    We are all the beneficiaries of the research and education that space exploration has caused. Thousands of discoveries and inventions, large and small, have benefited medicine, weather forecasting, transportation, communications, and entertainment here on earth.

    Tell this to your friend and insist that he become much less ignorant, right away. If he refuses, push a big soft gooey blueberry muffin in his face and make sure somebody videotaped you doing it and post it on YouTube and let us know the URL.


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    Okay, first of all Soul boogers is crazy. She has no concept of the distances between stars and the enormous length of time it would take to get to them. As an example, if we pick the NEAREST star, alpha centauri, and if we traveled at 25,000mph, it would take 115,340 yrs. to get there.

    A famous English scientist, Michael Faraday, was explaining magnetism and its relationship to electricity to an audience of non-scientists when a woman asked , "But what good is it?" He answered, "What good is a new born baby?" The point is, Crazi, we don't know all the possibilities and discoveries that may come from research in space. Transistors were discovered by doing basic research in solid state physics. The guys doing the research hadn't a clue as to the incredible impact their research was going to have on our society and culture. The same thing is true for lasers,....oh, by the way, Faraday's research led to electric motors and generators which made electrification of our entire world possible. So tell the bozo basic research has, and will continue to make incredible things possible. Unimaginable things, like hand held gizmos that you can watch TV on and take pictures and look up stuff on the internet and talk to someone any where in the world. Fifty years ago all this would have been thought impossible, and anyone insisting it would all be commonplace would have been put in a loony bin. You can't give examples!! Not really, the discoveries waiting to be found are beyond our imagination. Tell the bum to wait 50 yrs.....actually, with the exponential increase in our technological knowledge it'll probably be more like 20.....unless guys like him with no imagination stop funding basic research.

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    The main reason for the space station is for scientists to conduct research in a zero gravity environment. There is a great chance that conducting experiments in space can create breakthroughs in medical science and other fields.

    Scientists are just beginning to grasp the potential of chemistry and such in a zero G environment so it may seem like a waste of money now but in a few years there will hopefully be some discovery of new technology that will make it worthwhile.

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    Okay. Finding another planet that is hospitable to life could very well be extremely important one day. With the growing population our Earth will definitely not be able to support an infinite amount of people. And using those resources could gain more if we find another planet similair to ours, it's just like the saying "you have to spend money to make money". So investing in spacecrafts and telescopes and other things could be vital for the whole Earth one day.

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