Why are Humans able to Access Time?

This is an opinion piece as I doubt any of you have found a guaranteed answer. Anyway, 2nd dimension is length and width, 3rd is length, width and depth, 4rth is Time and Space. How is it astronauts are apparently altering time through speed if we exist in a separate dimension.

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    It depends on what you mean by "access."

    In physics, spacetime does consider the universe as we experience it to have three spatial dimensions and one time dimension. But time is NOT a spatial dimension which is why you cannot (and should not expect to be able to) move through it as you can other spatial dimensions. Not being a spatial dimension, it is somewhat erroneous to think of it in spatial terms (but we do tend to reference what we know to discuss the unknown, even if the reference is inaccurate).

    (The Fourth spatial Dimension:

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fourth_dimension )

    Just like if you lived in a 2D spatial universe (only had length and width) you would not expect to move through depth (as doing so would mandate the addition of a third spatial dimension) ... when you only have 1 dimension of time, let's call it forward, that's the only movement you would expect to be able to make within that single dimension. To "access" other forms of movement would require a second or third dimension OF time, which we do not know our universe to have.

    You ARE accessing time constantly; you're just moving through it in one direction. And you are not truly altering time through speed, it is a relative measurement, but even if you can slow it down, you are still moving along it in the same "direction" as everyone else, limited by the single dimensionality of the thing.

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    In Alchemy and Numerology, the number 4, as well as square, is representative of the base existence in life. The number 4 is the material plane. In that respect, I believe the 4th dimension, is the easiest for us to comprehend.

    You don't believe me? Just look at the dimensions a child is able to express in drawings, or even an adult. But, we all get impatient.

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    First of all, what do you mean by "access time"? Are you in any way saying that you are able to access time's future and past archives? We have no way of accessing time in that manner, we are just along for the ride. Asking why do we experience time, is as awkward as asking "why do we experience space?" We experience space because it is the medium in which atoms and particles interact, and we are made of atoms, hence we experience time. Time and space are interrelated, they are not two separate phenomena.

  • I came up with time slice ontology when you were doing acid. I mean I was. When you were on time. Astronauts get played hard like a ukulele.

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    Everyone alters time every single time they move. A rock coming into earth's atmosphere at 30,000 mph experience time dilation. You don't need a brain to "change" time

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    Because time is relative.

    If I am traveling very fast compared to you (i.e. astronauts compared to us), I will see you as being fast, while you will see me as being slow; or is it the other way around? I do get confused by it, but that's only normal.

    Astronauts, like all humans, are unable to access time, or alter time. We simply exist in it and are subject to it.

  • Through the logic of language

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    time is a measurment that is not consistant everywhere(from diffrent perspectives).speed and gravity both alter it.

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    here's how it works.

    Start with a point. A point has NO dimensions.

    If that point begins moving, at right angles to itself, it becomes a line: One dimension.

    If that line begins moving at right angles to itself, it becomes a plane: two dimensions

    If that plane begins moving at right angles to itself, it becomes a solid: three dimensions

    If that solid begins moving at right angles to itself, it becomes a LIVING CREATURE (growth is motion along the line of time): four dimensions

    If that living creature begins moving at right angles to itself, it enters a fifth dimension: ETERNITY

    And finally, if eternity moves at right angles to itself, it encompasses ALL POSSIBILITIES for a human being. EVERYTHING, dreamed of or not, becomes possible. Leave the solar system, leave the galaxy, go backwards, forwards, SIDEWAYS in time, all possible.

    Source(s): The Theory of Celestial Influence...Rodney Collin
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    "A little learning is a dangerous thing"

    - Alexander Pope, English Poet

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