Teen girls dating adult men.?

After so many posts regarding teen girls dating adult men, I feel I have to say something regarding the issue. I'm going to start with my own personal experience. When I was between the ages of 13 and 16, my step father seemed to have a thing for me. (Sick, I know) He would be all sweet and kind to me. Compliment me all the time, buy me things, everything. After knowing him for 2 years, the one day he decided to try and rape me. Luckily I fought him off, and he left me alone. Leading up to that, he would grab my chest, and a video camera installed without my knowledge, and watch me sleep. This guy would try and woooo me with his kindness, and would think its okay if he accident grabbed my chest. This man was an obvious pedophile, and the 'good' things he did for me, were only to try and get into my pants.

My point is that when a guy says he'll wait for you to be ready, its b/s. He will be doing something to try and push. Saying, "I'll wait for you" is pressure because then they are buying you things, complimenting you and making you feel you're in debt to them. Plus, a relationship between a 14 year old and a 23 year old man is sick. Its a child with a man. Its so easy to make them fall for them. They just make them think they'll protect them from their parents and will allow them to move in with them. On top of that, so many men look for younger girls to train into how they want them to be.

Why can't young girls understand this? Why do they think we say this to just be mean? How are the parents not aware of their child hanging out with a man?

(BTW, in my opinion, this is only referred to people depending on the age and age gap.)


Disappointed in my middle name: I appreciate your post, but your experience isn't exactly what I was on about. Personally, a 17 and 21 year old being in a relationship is completely okay to me. Its not that big of a gap, and they are both mature (hopefully) at that point. =) I am focused on the gaps like a 15 yod, and a 24 yod, or a 16 yod and a 24 yod. But thanks for sharing.

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    I am very glad you fought your step father off! He had no right to do that and I hope he ends up in prison. I have no idea why young girls don't understand this, they need to get it through their think skull! Because they think we are being mean because we are messing around in their business and they probably just think we want the guy to ourselves! From what I know teenage girls lie about their relation and they lie also about to where they are going, I remember seventh grade and everyone was talking about how they had a boyfriend in collage and how they lied to their parents so they could have sex/ hang out with them. I think it is disgusting on the girls and here parents part, the girl for lying and the parents for believing their daughter, but its disgust me more that a 23 year old would go out with a 14 year old! Desperate much?

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    I find that maturity in a male is often lacking at the age your speaking of. A 23 or 24 year old man or woman should never try dating up a 16 or younger person as they have laws in this country on that.

    In those cases, it is not about love or sex but the fact they can control a person by manipulation as the girl or guy who is younger does not know better.

    The relationships are often "kept secret" which shows how bad they can be.

    I am sorry about your step father, as those type of people should never be called men anyways. They should be kept in cages where animals like that belong.

    The lolita syndrome is fast becoming a huge problem in this country as many people choose to ignore it.

    Teen aged prostitutes have never been seen in the numbers they are today and child rapes by family and non family members are steadily increasing.

    Why do you think this is?

    Because the family unit has been under assault since the 1960's and we are starting to feel the effects of free love and love the one your with syndrome without conscience.

    When someone does not value the innocence of another over his or her own selfish needs, there will be problems and those problems usually haunts those children for the rest of their lives.

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    They just like the experienced and mature. Boys at that age are really not appealing after a while. They shouldn't be getting serious in the first place, but girls usually are in a relationship. I am sorry about what happened to you, but later on like when they are 20-30 age doesn't matter anymore. I'm not defending those that date 13 year olds, that's totally wrong but to a 13 year old they think this is their shot at being adult. All the young teens can think about is how to be more adult, and that is what parents are teaching nowadays too. They tell them to grow up, when they want them to stay kids forever (not all though).

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    i cant believe this. why cant u butt out b**ch ???????? this is seriously none of ur business! age is just a number and not ALL adult men are bad okay? get that damn thing in ur head. all what ur sayin is B.S. i know so mnay 14 yr old dating 23 year old men. and guess what? by the time the girl is 22 she and that guy who is now 31 are getting MARRIED. so there. btw most married couples hav bigger age gaps. so there AGAIN. all u bull shi**ed people out there who says its "WEIRD" fr a teenage girl 2 date a 23 year old guy , 4 words. GO GET A LIFE, it does not matter if he is 9 yrs elder to you. SO ALL YOU 14 YEAR OLD'S OUT THERE DATIN A 23 YEAR OLD GUY, ITS NOTHING WRONG..!!! all u have to do is get to know this guy perfectly , use ur brains , and then follow ur heart. plz. i am not saying that its all magical fairy land for all of u. it can be very very very risky AND a big mistake. so this is all for 23 year old guy's and 14 year old girls and all the young teenage girls and all adult guys, FOLLOW UR HEART. USE UR BRAIN . BE LOYAL . and that's enough. if u just wanan do timepass i suggest you go get someone for ur age...f*ck off.

    oh p.s - some girls want guy's who are more mature and who can guide them in life. like me. and yeah all guy's have need's but it's not like they are going to die without having sex for years. they can wait. never under-estimate a guy's will power.

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  • 1 decade ago

    14 and 23 is sick true. But not every guy wants just sex. I was 17 when I started dating a 21yr old. We were both virgins. We found comfort in finding a member of the opposite sex that understood us, we became quick best friends. We got engaged after a year of dating. We're still together... 3 almost 4 years later. Sex had nothing to do with his interest in me. We wanted a relationship... a lasting one, and we got it. We each have and respect the opinions of the other, even if they're different. He's waited for me to finish HS, he's helped me become more independent by buying a car for me so I could travel to school, work, etc. He's helped me study for tests, mid terms, and finals. He's encouraged me in every way possible to keep my education moving forward. He's definitely waited for me in more ways then one.

    My parents met him 13days prior to us going on our first date. He spent the whole afternoon with them so they could learn about him. My parents weren't happy at first, but after meeting him they realized he was a very good person. Until I graduated HS I only saw him Sunday and Mon afternoon after school til 11 (my curfew). And he told me that if my grades ever slipped because of him that we wouldn't go out on dates, but stay home and study. Luckily I was a good student and graduated with honors.

    We're exactly 4yrs 7months and 14days apart. But there really doesn't seem like there is an age difference, maybe at first because he was drinking lightly, but soon stopped all together. I was mature and knew what I wanted out of life. We share many values and life goals. We now own a business, we hope to be married within 2 yrs (after I get to a certain point in my schooling), and we're looking on buying a house.

    Your step dad was a scuzz ball no doubt. And any guy interested in a little girl (like a 14yr old) is too. But not every guy who is in his 20's and dates a "teen" is one.

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