Race Relations in Canada?

I am wondering how good or bad the race relations are in Canada, and also if Canadians are very open to interracial marriages. I am Hispanic (more Native American looking) and my husband is Caucasian, and we receive a lot of discrimination in the U.S. for our mixed union. I was wondering if Canadians are less racist and more accepting of this type of thing. Their are many people in the U.S. that find it morally wrong, and I am hoping to live in a place that is more accepting of this and does not consider it a terrible sin to marry outside a race. I just wanted to know general attitudes, and how biracial children are treated. Also, we are considering moving to the BC area, so if anyone is from that area or near that area, please give me your input. Thanks for your time.

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    No offense to the others but the people who are saying that Canada does not have discrimination or racism are not even minorities themselves. My father has been living in Alberta for only a few months and he's already experienced quite a bit of racism and he lives in a large city too. My cousin has been to Quebec quite a bit and has sometimes had people yell out racial slurs at her.. I've also personally experienced some racism... Racism does exist here. However, racists in Canada don't usually speak about their prejudice (a lot hide it) whereas Americans are more vocal.

    We don't have a lot of Hispanics here and people don't seem to be prejudiced against them in Canada. So if a Hispanic person and white person were in an interracial relationship in Canada, they would probably experience very little to no discrimination. This doesn't mean that Canadians are all accepting of interracial relationships but some interracial relationships are more accepted than others.

    Bottom line: You won't experience a lot of discrimination here as you are Hispanic. :)

    Source(s): Black Canadian
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    I live in Toronto, which was voted the most multicultural city in the world, so no, there is not a lot of hostility towards interracial marriages or bi racial children. If you're moving to BC, then try and at least move near the cities (like Vancouver), because there will be less discrimination there than if you were to live in a very rural area. BC has a lot of chinese and white interracial marriages, whereas Toronto has just about everything. so either city is great (montreal is a good choice too), but Toronto definitely has more diversity. The truth is that there are not that many hispanics in Canada, so most people really won't care. THere isn't a lot of hostility towards hispanics like there is in the US because there's just not that many of them here. You may find more in Toronto where some neighbourhoods tend to have a larger hispanic population, but honestly, you have NOTHING to fear! Many people don't reailize how diverse Canada (particulary the big cities: toronto, vancouver, montreal) are, and everyone gets along. Racism exists, don't get me wrong, but never in my 19 years of life have I EVER seen it done to hispanics (because there's so little of them). I wish more hispanics would come to Canada though...some of them are SO attractive but I never see them around here....

    Anyways, DON'TWORRY!!! Everything will be fine :D

    hope i helped!

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    Hmmm I live in Quebec and Canada is less racist than US that is for sure.We are more accepting.We don't have to write our race on every documents like in America.My birth certificate just says my name.My sis just told me that BC is a nice place.We have a bunch of mixed people who are the result of interracial dating here.People envy others who are mixed.You'lll find people who would stare because their wondering what the kids are mixed with and if the kid is their own but BC people probably don't care.If I see a mother or a father who has a child that looks different than them I would stare to figure out what they are mixed with.

    Ps: In all the schools I went to no one has tease me about my skin color but kids would ask what you are and where your parents are from.

    Edit: Hi Shannon how come there is less discrimination in urban than rural areas of BC? Did you heard of people being mistreated there=(.

    Edit: by lalu212 -I gree with you.Yah Canadians can be 2 face or fake but from what I hear America tells it how it is to your face.I said that we have less racism but I didn't say that we have no racism.I have experience racist thing in school where a white teacher pinch me in elemnetary school and a black teacher also had hit me with a ruler in another elementary school.People here would also dislike others if they see them act a certain way.Like how teenagers like to group and attack a white girl or whatever because they claim she said something racist about blacks.I have seen some black people here who dress all badass like and causing trouble and that is when people stay away.

    Edit: well both of those elementary school teachers had hit other kids as well.I'm not sure if the white teacher is racist...........everyone should be careful about who should babysit their kids or be their teachers.My parents are from the caribbean and it was caribbean people who gave me the hardest time growing up and some people made fun of skinny people like me...........

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  • Tdot
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    Canadians don't tend to have opinions on such things. The more urban the area you are in, the less it matters. We tend to be proud of our multicultural society.

    In Toronto, about half the population is non-white. You'll find similar demographics in Vancouver. I know many people in mixed race relationships; the thought of anyone having an issue with it seems absurd.

    The link below is an interesting examination of mixed race marriages in Canada.

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    um i live in alberta, just beside BC.

    i don't think there is any problems here or hostility towards interracial couples or biracial children. i'm in grade 9 and we have a lot of mixed kids in our school and i've grown up with a few...haven't ever witnessed someone being attacked/verbally assaulted or getting dirty looks being mixed or dating another race. doesn't really matter to be honest.. it's just a shade of peoples skin.

    i think Canada is goooooood.we have a lot of different races/cultures here so we're use to it.

    Source(s): edit: btw i have neighbors, a couple who live across the street (white male, black female) married with kids and they are perfectly fine
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  • 4 years ago

    It depends on where you live. If you live in a big city like Toronto or Montreal they will except you because they are like you. But if you go to the predominantly white parts like Atlantic Canada, they will not be too fond of your relationship.

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  • Ela B
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    1 decade ago

    I have family there so know a bit about life in Canada (I'm British btw), I'd say relations are the same as in Britain, i.e. a helluva lot better than in the US

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