hp media smart webcam?

my hap mediasmart built in webcam is sayin that no device was detected and to plug in a video device if you are useing a intergrated camera make sure its turned on help

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Considering that you are using the factory shipped software I.E. Quick play / Hp media Smart webcam...

    Try the following steps :-

    First lets reinstall the webcam driver...

    go to device manager > under imaging devices or HID devices you will find the webcam driver > right click and uninstall it.

    Reinstall it from the recovery manager > advance options > Hardware driver installation.

    you can also download the drivers from


    Go to Device manager > click on the + sign beside Universal serial host controllers > right click and uninstall all SB root hubs.

    Go to HP.com >> in the search bar type > sp42568

    download and install the you cam software. It should resolve the issue.

    However if you are using a messenger then try out with yahoo messenger. There are some messengers that do not work. For example : windows live messenger

    Hope this helps..

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    cannot turn webcam on and use it

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