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Will Leonardo DiCaprio ever win an Oscar?


...he was just in Body of Lies and Revoluationary Road...where have you been?

He's in the new Scorceses movie Shutter Island as well.....

Get out from under that rock, pal

Update 2:

Tina C...

Tom Hanks have two Oscars...

It was a few years ago, it was 15, but okay?

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    I thought he deserved a nomination for Revolutionary Road

    he's fantastic, it's just a matter of time for him to win it.

    he's already been nominated 3 times for Blood Diamond, The Aviator, and What's Eating Gilbert Grape

    it took Kate Winslet six nominations to win the gold

    Source(s): to the poster below me. um hello? He's been in tons of award winning movies the past few years. He was nominated for a golden globe for his part in as male lead in Revolutionary Road this year. And in the past few years he's been in the award winning films Blood Diamond (oscar nom for him), the departed (oscar for best picture), The Aviator (oscar nom for him). and FYI Tom Hanks won his first oscar for Philadelphia in 1993 and Forrest Gump the next year. He has 3 other oscar noms to his name but the last one was in 2000 for Castaway. Obviously you know nothing about films.
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    While I certainly believe he deserves an Oscar

    (for What's Eating Gilbert Grape and Blood Diamond)

    I don't really think he ever will. Hollywood seems to have

    a thing about not giving the young. good looking male

    actors the win. Young female actors are often given

    the award. And his being totally ignored for his part

    in Titanic was absurd. But, that's Hollywood.

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    Why would Leo DiCaprio get an Oscar.

    It was only a few years ago that Tom Hanks got his 1st Oscar.

    Whom, in my opinion, is much more deserving actor.

    It will probably happen in time, but I think he needs to start getting better roles. Besides, he ain't been on our screens for ages.

    You can only get the chance of an Oscar when you've been in films.

    WOW.....Really didn't mean to offend anyone here. Only giving my opinion, so I suppose you're right, I know nothing about films, (well, films regarding Leo anyway!).

    Probably 'cause I'm not such a big fan. Sorry about that.


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    He SHOULD have won an Oscar for his performance in The Basketball Diaries. He was INCREDIBLE. I think he will eventually...

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    There are way much better actors then him who haven't gotten a Oscar yet!So why should he get one?

  • 1 decade ago

    yes i believe he will

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