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How come Calvin Johnson hasn't been to a pro bowl?

I think he is one of the top 3 receivers in the league, why hasn't he earned a trip to a pro bowl?

btw, if you must know, I think that Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald are better.



Ochocinco and T.O. and Steve Smith are not better, retard.

Calvin has no qb and picks up great numbers (like Andre Johnson). Ochocinco had freakin Carson Palmer and wasn't even the best on his team. T.O. is T.O. I would put him in the top 15.

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    I think you and that guy that said LMAO at Randle El have Johnson a little overrated. (BTW is was hilarious to see Randel El on that list, but since somebody pointed that out, I don't feel the need to) haha

    No, I would agree that he's an elite receiver but maybe top 10 in the NFC, 20 in the NFL. What's scary is that he's only going to get better. Not only that but the team will get better. Well, how can you not get better than 0-16?

    Johnson will make the Pro Bowl a couple years from now. I can't see him taking over Fitz or S.Smith, nor Boldin or White. And Greg Jennings is a stud too. Johnson's time will come but I don't believe anytime soon. Unless he has a monster year that eclipses everything he did in 08 but that won't be easy.

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    Calvin Johnson didn't make it to a probowl yet because his first season he didn't have the stats to go but this season he probably should have but the probowl is kinda like a popularity contest because the fans vote. since the lions sucked so bad alot of lions fans didn't vote because they figure they didn't deserve to go and other people's fans voted for other people because they didn't realize he was that good. also fans vote for the players that have been around longer because they no them better.

    Another player that should have gone to the probowl is DeAngelo Williams. He had more Yards, TD, and A better AVG than Clinton Portis but fans voted Portis because this is really Williams first good year just like Johnson's.

    By the Why Steve smith is probably still better than Johnson because Smith Doesn't have a good QB either, did you see there play off game, and smith only played in 14 games and Johnson played in all 16 and smith had more yards and they both had the same amount of receptions.

    If I had to pick the 4 NFC Wide recevers I would have picked

    1. Larry fitzgerald

    2. Steve Smith

    3. Calvin johnson

    4.Roddy White

    Don't know how Boldin was number 2 Reciever people probably just like the Fitzgerald Boldin Combo

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    As it has been stated several times already, popularity is the major determinant for fan votes. However, you have to take into account the key driver to fan popularity nationwide, which is television coverage.

    Calvin Johnson's numbers alone prove he is a stud WR and deserves to go to the Pro Bowl, especially in light of him not having a decent QB to get him the ball. But given the fact that he is not on the tube (or plasma or HD) as much as Ochostinco or even Roddy White, fewer fans outside of the NFC North have the opportunity to see how good he is.

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    Lmao at the guy that said Randel El was better hahahaha.

    I really don't know, he definitely deserved it last year. You have the exact same top 3 WR's as me, I have Andre Johnson as the best, closely followed by Fitz, then CJ 3rd. The Pro Bowl is fan vote and I guess the Lions fans just didn't bother voting because he definitely deserved it. This year he's got a slightly better O-Line and running game, so that should help him get to his 1st of many Pro Bowls to come.

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    everyone who thinks that Calvin Johnson is extra effective than Fitz is the two that ignorant or mendacity to themselves. as an occasion, an excellent style of Lions followers argue that Calvin Johnson might get stats extra effective than Fitz or Andre Johnson if he had a QB. properly, final twelve months i might say that Fitz had a worse QB concern than Calvin, and he nonetheless have been given 13 extra receptions, 17 extra receiving yards (besides the indisputable fact that he did get a million/2 the TD's Johnson have been given). Sorry, Lions followers, you may no longer use that as a controversy anymore. on an analogous time as i think of that Calvin is the third maximum suitable WR interior the NFL precise now (at the back of Andre Johnson at #a million and Fitz at #2), he nonetheless has some artwork to do. Edit: @ perchance no longer - you will possibly be able to desire to look at Boldin leaving as the two an excellent or undesirable element. He did share lots of the catches with Fitz, yet you apart from mght might desire to bear in mind that he additionally took away lots of the coverage, besides. Now Fitz is probably being double-teamed (even in keeping with threat triple-teamed at circumstances) basically because of the fact the Cardinals don't have the different threats on offense. If i became into Fitz i might plenty extremely have Boldin on my team extremely than no longer. additionally, to characteristic, perchance the biggest benefit that Fitz has over Calvin is that he's extra effective at working routes. as quickly as Johnson gets his direction working down he would be extra effective than Fitz, yet for precise now Larry is extra effective.

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    Well... let's keep in mind that he has only been in the NFL for ONE season. Before it's all said and done, Johnson will have been to several Pro Bowls... there were a ton of stand out receivers in the NFC last year... someone had to get left out.

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    Because the Pro Bowl is a popularity contest. That's why Jake Long and not Ryan Clady went to the Pro Bowl.

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    The fans vote on who they want to see in the pro bowl. Calvin Johnson may be good but most fans don't want to see someone who plays for the sorry Lions in the pro bowl.

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  • This past year he definitely had the stats, 78 catches 1331 yards 12 TDs, but many think it is because of the Lions terrible 0-16 season, but other than that his rookie season wasn't spectacular.

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    Its the fans. They really go off of what they think they wanna see. Like the fan favorites. Its not really the skill set because Calvin should have been there. It is who fans want to c there. Ray Lewis is there most of the time but he has been mediocre the last couple of seasons.

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