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what substance has the same chromosome count as humans (46)?

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    > What substance has the same chromosome count as humans (46)?

    I'm assuming that when you said 'substance' you actually meant species (as in other animals). If so, I've been able to find at least fourteen species where a karyotype of 46 chromosomes is dominant – doubtless, there are countless more. (More even if you include plants as chromosome numbers vary greatly even within one species due to polyploidy - e.g. an Ash tree can have either 46, 92 or 138 chromosomes See: )

    If you also include mutant individuals who have a set of 46 due to chromosomal translocation, then the list could actually be quite extensive. Remember that due to mutation, a certain individual could have more or less than the normal (dominant) chromosomal number of their species. Below I have included only animal species where the normal number of chromosomes is 46. There is unfortunately no one source that features a comprehensive list, thus I have cited separate sources in each case.

    According to a phylogeographic study done in 2008 there is significant variation in karyotypes among populations of Japanese wood mice (A. speciosus). Some of the mice tested had a diploid set of 46 chromosomes, while others were found to have a set of 48. (See: )

    A species of Chinese muntjac deer (M. reevesi) also has a diploid number of 46 and all the autosomes are acrocentric. (See: A species of Indian striped squirrel (F. tristriatus) was also found to have a diploid set of 46 chromosomes with variation being found with respect to centromere position. (See: )

    Another study found at least two species of Brazillian brackish water fish (Eleotris pisonis and Dormitator maculatus) each with a diploid number of 46 chromosomes - although the actual chromosome configuration was different in each species. (See: )

    According to G. P. Redei, author of Genetics Manual, there are at least six species of new world monkey that also have a diploid set of 46 chromosomes. ( See page 135 under the heading 'Callithricidae' here ) In addition, two species of bat (See page 107: ) and one species of vole (Microtus arvalis) also have a karyotype of 46 chromosomes. (See pg 1096: )


    Genetics manual: current theory, concepts, terms‎. G. P. Rédei, 1998

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    The hare has a diploid count of 46 chromosomes.

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    Substance? Hares have the same number of chromosomes as humans.

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