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Did that guy who shot the guard at the Holocaust museum buy his weapons legally?

I would think there would be some restrictions in place

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    He was a felon so it would have been illegal for him to buy it or for someone to sell it to him

    so he either bought it illegally or had it stored away before he was convicted of a felony. but even if he had it hidden he would still have been on record as having had owned one. so in all likelihood he bought it illegally.

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    He was a convicted felon. Unless he bought it before his conviction, then there is no way he purchased it legally. Even if he DID purchase it before eh was convicted, he could no longer possess it.

    The feds are tracing the weapon that he used, as well as others in his possession as we speak.

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    It doesn't matter because DC still has a ban on carrying weapons concealled or unconcealled.

    Wow, if we has an even stricter ban then criminals would not go around killing people (sarcasm).

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    The shooter was 88 years old, I would take a bet he had that weapon for a while legally.*

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    No, he was a felon.

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    how old are you? i think you go to my school... pershing?

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