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what is your way of saying these interview questions? thank you its urgent?

Hi. I will apply to the part-time job, and I am just wondering if you guys can help me out here by giving a sample answer. I am going to work as a bank receptionist, and I want to see how you say as a "bank receptionist" candidate in order to have a good interview

1)Tell me about yourself

2)why do you want this job?

3) tell me about your strength and weakness?

thank you very much and I really appreciate your time and effort

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    1. I am Jane Doe, a recent graduate from BBB Banking College here in the city. I Have 10 years of service as a public relations specialist with that college. I am married to an artist and the mother of a 6 year old son, etc.

    2.I am applying for the job because my training and work experience are a perfect match . I know the banking business structure and can use my public relations skills to attract new customers and provide a welcoming friendly reception to clients who call for information about the bank. I'm a good listener, plus I can walk to work. I have lived in this community for many years.

    3. I feel that my strengths are in the area of personal interactions, communication, both oral and written, social etiquette,voice quality, diction and visually appealing. I speak good English and I am a committed employee.

    My weaknesses might include letting customer vent their frustrations about bank problems to long before routing them someone is in charge of the problem and I try extremely hard to make each person feel special.

    Source(s): My experience with bank receptionist, tellers and customer service representatives.
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    I am a young girl of ? who is very persistant at things , very loyal , very dependable , and most of all extremely courteous when dealing with customers from our bank ( it is very inportant to make them feel like you really want to be a part of the system and so do use Our bank ) I have these references ( have them ready with name - who they are to you - and their comment son you . Try to have 3 - 5 references and tell them you can get more if they need it .

    Tell them the truth about why you want the job . You want to get into the ground floor of a good , well established , and honest orgainization . Then you would like to learn all you can and move up as your work gets better and positions that you are elegible for open up . You like what yu have seen and the way you have been treated at the bank during your interview process and in daily banking . You would love to be a part of such an organization

    Strengths - Loyalty 100% for the people and company you work for . Honesty in each thing you take on , very dependable getting to and work on time .and lastly you ability to work with people and keep a smile on your face no matter what happens .

    Weakness - Tend to get bored a little if I am not busy , so I would like to stay busy . I am sometimes a little slow to pick things up , but iam a perfectionist and when it comes from me , I want it to be according to our procedures . Though a smile a lot and am friendly all the time , there are times that people think I am a phony until they give me a chance and the all the time , people walk up to me and say I was weong about you . I smile and say don't give it a second thought , I have done the same thing myself before and go on about my business taking care of our business .

    Youor interview should be worry free , don't do all the talking , think about you answers and give them truthful answers about yourself , when you walk in give the person greeting you a firm handshake not just a couple of fingers ( limp dishrag handshake . Be dressed appropriately for business , Last but not least , before you leave , ask for the job . ( When can I start ? ) Have I answered all your questions and if so , do I get the job ? or something along those jobs , but let them know you mean businees ( ask for the job )

    Good luck and God bless

    Source(s): 23 year English Teacher , 13 year Marine ( 4 as a recruiter )
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    This site will give you all the answers you need and a lot more.........God luck

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