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What happens if the suspect in the Holocaust museum shooting case is too injured and too old to stand trial?

James W. von Brunn, the suspect in the case, was shot in the head. Add to that the fact that he is 88 or 89 years old.

What if he does not sufficiently recover from his injuries? What if age and injury render him unfit to stand trial?

Would there still be some proceedings to indicate that James W. von Brunn is responsible?

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  • Lexie
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    If he is incompetent (mentally--his physical condition would be irrelevant), the trial would be postponed as long as there is some prospect of his regaining competency. If there is no such prospect, the charges would eventually be dismissed.

    If he dies, the criminal case is over. There might be a civil suit against his estate, but that would be up to the victims and their families.

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    Nobody is "too old" to stand trial. If he was old enough to use a gun then he is old enough to stand trial.

    As for the injury that would be different; if he is in comma for example then the trial would be postponed until he wakes up, even if it's 20 years later; now if he wake up and he understand what's going on then he will stand trial even if he is quadraplegic.

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    At this point I don't think it really matters if he stands trial...he is obviously the guilty party. If he is too infirm the trial would not be held until he recovers. If he never recovers, he would never be tried.

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    that's the great thing, you're never to old to stand trial. there's no age limit to the law. the only way your age stops you from standing trial is when a little kid who is to young to understand their actions. as for his injuries, again, if he's alive, and not coma tose he can stand trial, hell some people have stood trial in a coma.

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  • wizjp
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    He dies in jail waiting to go to trial.


    You can't try a dead man.

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