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Afraid to seek psychologist?

I'm afraid to see a psychologist, but I know I need help. I can't tell if it's my mind playing tricks on me or if it actually happens, but I always feel like the doctor is trying to brush me off, doesn't care, trying to hurt me or just wants me to fill out their prescription and go away. Which leaves me feeling that everytime I try to open up, somebody hurts me or ignores me.

It's just so hopeless because I take everything so personally and my mind is so volatile, I always "shoot from the hip". but I can't get help if I don't see a doc, but then if the doc treats me "wrong" then I feel dejected and worse off then where I started. It's like a catch22 and its no good.

Also somebody told me I'm "emotionally dead". Is this curable?

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    Please do not be afraid to seek help from a mental health professional, preferably a psychologist for your case.

    Have you had a bad experience with a doctor thus you feel as though whoever you open up your problem to will either hurt or ignore you? If you had, then that person is not a professional. A professional is trained and licensed. He or She sits on the couch and listens to you lucidly. A professional pays attention not only to what you speak but what you feel. Psychologists are supposed to be highly intuitive individuals.

    Google the area where you live for a mental health professional or look up the phone book. Remember to ask for his or her qualifications. A person must possess either a Ph.D. or Psy.D. in order to claim the status as a psychologist. It is also alright if the professional you have consulted did not hit off well with you. Sometimes it takes time for the client to find the right psychologist, someone whom he or she feels comfortable with. Naturally, your intuition would tell you whether you are going to make progresses with the psychologist.

    You have already acknowledge that you have issues to deal with. So please do not be afraid to seek help. Give yourself one breakthrough and you will be fine on subsequent appointments.

    You are most welcomed to contact me on my profile page should further assistance be required.

    All the best and take care.

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    Its funny how "emotonally dead" you are when you are feeling hurt or ignored when you try to open up. Hmmmm? I would say going by what you have written that your emotions are unnaturally alive by which I mean you are very sensitive. It is quite possible that you are reading into doctors words and body language rejection that they dont intend but most doctors have a fairly crap bedside manner so it doesnt surprise me that you cant find one that suits you. You could try asking a doctor whether you have "read" them properly by saying something like "gee doctor I feel you dont think my problems are serious, is that right" and see what response you get. Either way - persevere - there is no point having a doctor you dont feel comfortable talking to. Its possible that whoever called you "emotionally dead" meant you have a "flat affect" - (I think that is the right term) - it means you dont show your feelings.

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    It sounds as though you enter the session with your guns already drawn and the hammer's pulled back.

    Its your perception of the events and your belief that the world revolves around only you that's driving you nuts. We are all herded like cattle through the doctor's office; it nothing personal against you.

    You have a "get them before they get me" attitude, probably the result of some sort of abuse. You are the cause of your frustrations. But recognising this, you have taken a giant step forward. Seek help again, and this time actually listen to what you hear yourself say.

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    Go see the psychologist. They really do try and help. They arn't like other doctors (trust me I go to therapy and I've changed sooo much). Emotional instability is treatable, you just need to talk to the right person. Seek out the different people to talk to in your area. Try and get a good support system from your family and friends.

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    If you had a physical problem, wold you be afraid to go to the Doctor? I know the feelings that you have, believe me, after 5 sessions I was able to "change my thinking" and have had a successful career free of negative thinking.

    Don't put it off, your situation can be solved.

    Source(s): Been there/done that.
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    yes it is curable. you are detached from your spirituality. connect first to it and your soul will lead you to a peaceful resolution.

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