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How long ago did Ireland last have Royalty?

Aren't they under the commonwealth?

My friend told me he was Irish Royalty - but because of war his family had to flee to Canada 16 years ago or so because they were afraid they were going to be killed. I highly doubt the story but he insists that it's true. I want some evidence against him.

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    First off, your friend's speaking complete and utter rubbish.

    For the most part Ireland had different kings for different regions, but to cut lots of long and complicated history short, it depends on if you mean when did Ireland last have an Irish king (as in of Irish ancestry) or simply a king of Ireland. Assuming the latter, Henry VIII of England passed the Crown of Ireland Act in 1542, which said that he and his successors would be the kings/queens of Ireland. The monarchy then went over to the House of Stuart in 1603, then there was the Commonwealth under the Cromwells, then the Stuarts took it back again; then it went to the House of Hanover in 1714 with King George I, then on to the Windors in 1922 with George V. George VI's reign ended in 1949. Northern Ireland still has the Queen of England, and the Republic of Ireland is...a Republic.

    Basically, unless your friend can also claim to be a close relative of Queen Elizabeth II, there's nothing to his story at all. And that's easy enough to verify- look up the list of people in line to the throne of England. There are plenty out there that go very far down the list. If he or a family member isn't on there, you can prove he's lying.

    Source(s): I AM Irish. And, as a typical Irish Catholic kid, I got to learn aaaaall about this stuff in school many times over.
  • Ireland became a Republic in 1921. Before that they were under the British Crown for hundreds of years.

    Your friend is full of it. He may be related to Irish nobility (Earls, Barons, etc), but none of those titles exist any more either in an official sense.

    Certainly no Irish nobility or royalty fled the country 16 yrs ago.

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    Dermot MacMurrough, the last Irish King of Leinster, died 1171; the last native Ard Rí (High King) is often stated to have been Ruaidhrí Ua Conchobair, a member of the Ua Conchobair dynasty who were kings of Connacht and Ireland at the time. He died in the twelfth century.

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    Your friend is full of it. Ireland (the Republic, that is) hasn't been a British dominion since 1922. Ulster remains a part of the UK and thus, the Queen of England is the head of state. Terrorism has plagued Northern Ireland since the Partition, but your friend is exaggerating the situation.

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