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Can anyone explain to me the meaning of these themes?

1. Appearance versus Reality

2. Deception

3. Sacrifice of the Individual.

4. Conformity versus Individuality.

5. Corruption.

These are themes for the novel Forbidden City written by William Bell.

I need to pick one to write my essay... can anyone help me?

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    Wow I had the exact same novel and a very similar question. Okay number one appearance versus reality. This is basically another way of saying what appears to be true but isnt versus what is actually true. In the novel the government makes it appears as though the students are having an illegal demonstration but in reality there just fighting for there rights. Deception is straightforward. The Chinese government deceived the world by blocking media release of the events of the Tienanmen Square Massacre and made it appear as though everything was fine in there country. Thats just one example. Sacrifice of the individual again is straight forward. Just look at the students sacrificing themselves for freedom and rights. Conformity vs individuality is probably the toughest one. Conformity is a set of rules already in place that everyone follows and individuality is breaking away and making your own. Again you can look at the restrictions the government imposes and how certain people choose to break away from that. Finally corruption is straight forward. Anything the Chinese government does is corruption right from the cover up to the screening of media. Hopefully this helps

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