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PLEASE HELP French kissing !!!?

I'm about to meet my boyfriend and don't know how to french kiss

im so nervous where do i put my hands and all that please i need advice !!!!


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    Hands on his waist or shoulders. Also, putting your hands on his cheeks or kind of cradling his head is intimate.

    As for the kissing, don't go for speed. Go for sensuality. Kissing is best done slow and methodical. Kissing is all about the lips. It has tons of nerve endings and is why it's pleasurable. Even when french kissing, concentrate more on soft kisses of his lower lip, both lips, top lip...every once in a while slowly swirl your tongue around his. Don't try to get your tongue as far in as you can. It makes it messy and less than romantic.

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    Going in for the kiss you will probably be talking then just start looking at each other and getting 'the vibe'. Staring into each others eyes, moving your heads slowly closer. When your heads are about10cm apart, close your eyes and tilt your heads in opposite directions. When you first touch lips, they should be closed, then after about 2 seconds slowly open your mouth just a little bit and see how he reacts. You can gently push your tongue in and try slowly swirling it around, and he will probably push his tongue back into your mouth. I like to extend my arms and place them over his shoulders, and then as I progress just naturally I find that I start rubbing his shoulders and chest. I promise it will all come very naturally if you are with the right person. Have fun and enjoy the romance :-)

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    With your hands, just feel 'em up. As in, just rub your hands along the torso area, it makes for better feeling and can enhance your kiss.

    To the actual kissing, you close your eyes when you're about to kiss, tilt your heads in opposite directions, touch mouths and just go along with it. Open, close, etc etc. Keep going and if you want to french, insert your tongue along. Go look up some videos of people kissing on YouTube if you need an idea.

    Hope this helps.

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    Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Guys think it's cute when we ask weird questions like that. If he breaks up with you because you can't kiss good then he is a jerk. I think he will help you because everyone has been through that. I (personally) put one had on his chest... near his shoulder. Then, I gently put my other hand on his neck and I follow his lead. Don't shove your tongue down his throat. Just tease him a little bit and let him initiate the whole thing. Practice makes perfect.

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    Ok hun!! It is VERY easy after you actually do it =] First just look at him in his eyes and do a small smile/grin, put your hands on his face gently, SORT OF pull him slowly to meet your lips kiss him, just a little peck on the lips and just go for it. Most likely he'll tongue will be in your mouth first and just massage your tongue on his, put you tongue back in your mouth and while back a VERY little a way, give him a few pecks on the lips =] Hope it works out the way you want it to!!

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    You don't have to french kiss you can just kiss you can just kiss regularly and if you do put ur hands were ever you want and just enjoy why you can

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    dont worry kissing is like breathing it comes naturally:)

    try and put ur hands in his hair or touch his face wherever you feel most comfortable and you dont have to french kiss if you dont want to dont feel pressured into doing it only do it if ur absolutely sure that YOU want to

    hope this helps:)

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    IF you are old enough, it will all come together at the proper time. And as a tip, keep your hands and all out of his mouth

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    there's a wikihow on it.

    it's funny though cos in different places there are 2 meanings.

    the obvious one that ur talking about and the kiss on each cheek that they actually do in france

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    put your hands around his waist, or hold his hand... but make sure when your kissing him dont put in to much tounge... it just makes it sloppy and wet..


    dont worry, when your doing it you'll know exactly what to do ..

    practice on your hand hahah...

    good luck hun

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