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Coupon Ideas for my man? 10 POINTS!!!!!!!!?

I'm making some sex coupons for my boyfriend for his birthday along with his gift. Any ideas would help sexy/kinky/naughty. 10 points for the best anwser!!!!!!!

thank you xxoo

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    - BJ

    - 69

    - HJ

    - handcuff you

    - handcuff him

    - birthday spanking him

    - spanking you

    - Date night - you in short skirt, no panties

    - Remote control vibrator - he gets the remote

    - naked full-body massage

    - naked lunch - you're the table (and dessert!)

    - King for a day - you are his slave for 24 hrs

    - Queen for a Day - he's YOUR sex slave

    - Role play - you play his favorite actress or movie

    - skinny dipping

    - Naked video gaming

    -jello wrestling

    - naked twister

    Not knowing your guy, I include variations that allow him to explore any submissive sides he might have. Sometimes giving is a gift of its own and I'm betting he enjoys your excitement and arousal as much as you like his. Don't be afraid to use coupon ideas he might not use as he might surprise you. Include things you might like, as well. Lots of variety and lots of yummy choices and he'll be thrilled! Feel free to use or discard anything on the list.

    This is a great idea and a great question, I wish more women had the courage to do something like this.

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    Sexy dinner for 2 without utensils...

    Feed each other...but use foods like spaghetti and stuff that's "messy" and that aren't normally a finger food...when dessert comes...he gets you...


    Invite him to a "tea party" when giving him oral take sips of hot tea until your mouth as warm as you can stand then drink some iced tea or just suck on a piece of ice before you go back and the change in temperature will drive him wild!


    Free makeout session. Right before you start kissing put some pop rocks into your mouth and it'll make an ultra cool sensation!

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    1 anything you want night 1 all about you night I cook dinner night Breakfast in bed 1 free car wash cook naked night 1 free massage 1 free massage...that lasts a while ;) 1 striptease Etc.

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    For a day we eat off each other.

    Pick out 5 Crazy spots to have sex (other then the bed)

    You pick 5 sexy costumes to play with (naughty teacher, naughty nurse)

    We go to a sex shop and pick out crazy stuff.

    Stripper pole?

    I am not sure if this helps! Haha I hope I helped out anyway!

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    One free role play of his choice.

    One intimate deep massage.

    A romantic bubble bath for two.

    Be your sex slave for one full night.

    1 hour of kissing and licking on any body part he chooses

    A private lap dance

    A naughty erotic dress up in lingerie of his choice

    Good luck and have fun! :D

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    Sex Coupons

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    Go to your nearest sex novelty store and they sell the sex coupon books with a variety of sex acts to be performed at the owners discretion.

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    6 years ago

    Watch this video explaining how to use just 3 texts to turn any woman on, and get her out on a date: it works, it's crazy what basic psychology can do.

    I've used this on a few hotties and it worked everytime. Thing is I don't look that good. Crazy..

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    1. One free ********

    2. Sexy dance

    3. You choose

    4. Something like try new position...

    Sorry cant think of anything else.

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    bj for as long as he wants it.

    sex with you on top and all he has to do is sit there.

    spencers gifts sells a deck of cards like that with kinky things your man can do to you.

    have fun=]

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