help with 2000 Windstar LX please?

I have a problem with our van. It overheats bad due to the fan motor refusing to turn on. My question is where is the fuse for the fan motor so I can try that first? It's not listed as far as I can see. Hoping for an easy fix.


yes i checked the manual that's why I'm asking on here before i head out to Lordco

Update 2:

bought like this from MSA Ford. whatever coolant is in there was added by them.

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    see if it have a fan switch in the head call the parts store and ask if it have a thermal switch that turns the fan on and off by temp.

  • 1 decade ago

    Use your owner's manual or ask at an auto parts store. To drive without the radiator fans working is asking for big over-heat problems and big expensive repairs. There is a huge fan control relay usually right around the radiator cover. Also, be SURE that you are using only the correct coolant. Most Ford's require yellow coolant. NEVER add or mix different coolants together!!!

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