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Making a class alphabet!?(more inside)?

I want to write an alphabet book on our class but not like a is for apple.

Something like C is for ice cream. Why? Because it is cold!!

Like that. but it needs to be class related.

We are in gr 6.

Possibly things we have learned in class or sumthin?

Any ideas? The outline is _ is for ____ why? because ___________

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    a is for apple because it is -------- - sorry cant think of one

    b is for ball because it is bouncy

    c is for cat because it is cute

    d is for dog because it is ditzy

    e is for elephant because it is enormous

    f is for frog because it is fat

    g is for goat because it is grey ?

    h is for house because it is home

    i is for ice cream because it is icy

    j is for jelly because it is jiggly

    k is for kangaroo becaust it kicks!

    l is for lion because it is loud

    m is for mouse because it is mellow

    n is for nurse because it is nice

    o is for octopus because it is orange ?

    p is for penguin because it is peppy

    q is for queen because it is quant

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    A is for Horses because they are hungry.

    B is for Honey because they are busy.

    C is for Surfing because it is wavy.

    D is for David because she thinks he's cute.

    E is for D because E thinks she's cute too.

    F is for English because my dog ate my homework.

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    E is for Elephant, because they're Enormous!

    F is for France, because it's Foreign!

    H is for Hippo, because they're Huge!

    T is for Tahiti, because it's Tropical!

    haha; there's a couple. use them if you want.

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    P is for barak why? because he is the President!

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