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Kalia asked in News & EventsCurrent Events · 1 decade ago

How will getting rid of the taliban in pakistan help us?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Our CIA originally developed the Taliban to terrorize the Russians. Since then the President of Pakistan has described them as a cancer that has been allowed to multiply and must be destroyed.

    The problem is that they have the ability to pull camp and re-embed somewhere else quickly and easily. This causes our military, and those of Pakistan, to have a lot of problems in rooting them out.

    They are currently occupying the military of Pakistan to the point where they are asking the USA for help.

    The next point is that the Taliban is very close to taking the capital of Pakistan and if they can overthrow the gov't there they will turn the country against the USA and this will cause us to lose an operating base in that country. We need to be able to launch our troops and aircraft from there in order to cover our options.

    The final point is that Pakistan is geographically close to Afghanistan and if we allow the Taliban to thrive in Pakistan we may be overrun by them as we try to police Afghanistan and repel the terrorists in that area.

    The easiest way to describe it is that they are a cancer and if allowed to multiply they will bring down the security of the planet.

    I'm hoping that I'm reading through all the propaganda and giving you the straight scoop here. A friend who was in the CIA before he was killed was telling me that a lot of the bombings in India were made to appear to be American in origin but in fact it was planted by the Taliban in an attempt to divert attention from them. It didn't work. But their influence can be felt throughout the Middle East and they do nothing but bad stuff.


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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, something that the media seems to be underplaying a lot, is that Pakistan very likely has nuclear-weapon technologies. Should the Taliban seize control of these Technologies, it spells nothing but bad news for the United States. Such weaponry probably wouldn't be able to be used against us; I doubt anything they have has the range. However, they could attack several other major U.S. trading partners in the region such as India or China.

    Aside from all that, the Taliban, not Saddam Hussein, was responsible for 9/11. I'm not entirely sure how the war on terror got pushed into Iraq, aside from Bush's insane idea that Iraq had vast stockpiles of WMDs that nobody has yet found. The taliban are the terrorist masterminds. The head of the proverbial snake. If we rout them, we can deal a substantial blow to anti-american feelings in the region. At least that's the hope. Lastly, Pakistan has been an ally in the past, and will likely be a strategic ally in the future. Not only is it our duty to help our ally, it will also benefit our country.

  • 1 decade ago

    Besides being the people who likely organized 9/11 the Taliban are committed to terrorism, the recruitment of young illiterate Muslims to "schools" (their only chance) to be indoctrinated to perform as suicide bombers. The Taliban are the extreme of the extreme.

    Look up some history (recent) of what happened in Pakistan when they were in control.

    Forever bless Benazir Bhutto, forever bless Aung Sung Shu Khi

  • 1 decade ago

    The taliban has to go because it is the organization that is led by Osama Bin laden. He has declared the US as being the enemy of Islam and has swirn to kill every one of us he can. He is dirctly responsible for a number of acts around the world that has resulted in the death and destruction of many. Including the world trade center fiasco where over 3,000 inocent folk were killed in one day in a sensless act of violence against the west. All because we attacked the Iraqi dictatorship and used the sacred Saudi Arabian holy ground for bases against an oppressor who paid the bombers to kill innicent Israeli citizens and bought there parents new homes, paid them money and such. For what? Nobody but Satan knows. he is at work every day, just look at Iran.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    because of the fact ninety% of people are illiterate, they have no clue as to the place is Pakistan on the map and what they're doing to our troops there. maximum individuals nevertheless regard Pakistan as an best buddy, they dream approximately invading Iran and north Korea, countries that have not executed something to harm u.s.. our government propagates that delusion because of the fact, Pakistan happens to be too enormous a rustic to invade, at a hundred and eighty million they're 6 situations the dimensions of Afghanistan and easily too enormous a rustic to occupy . I consider you we would desire to consistently nuke the terrorist cesspit called Pakistan

  • 6 years ago

    Yes we must

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


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