does this make any sense in chinese?

水水流自由 sui sui lau ji yau

水水流向我 sui sui lau heung ngoh

水资源水在溪 sui ji yuen sui joi kai

水水不要 sui sui bat yiu

水在浅水池塘 sui joi chin sui chi tong

来这里之前,我已经快离开 loi je lei ji chin, ngoh yi gin faai lei hoi

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  • 1 decade ago
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    no it doesn't

    a lot of the sentences need to be fixed

    and a lot of sentences doesn't really make sense

    I sort of know what you're trying to express

    hardly anyone says 水水 you can just say 水

    the fixed version:

    水流自由(water flows toward freedom)

    水流向我 (water flows toward me)

    水资源在溪中(the water resources is in the river)

    水不要浅水池塘(the water refuses to be in the shallow pond)

    来这里之前,我已经快离开 (before it comes here, I'm about to leave)

    <this sentence doen't really make sense, is the translation what you are trying to say?

    I know the things you typed behind the sentences is the pronounciation

    I just typed out the translation to see if I got your meaning right~

    Source(s): I'm Chinese...
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  • 1 decade ago

    the letters behind the sentences indicate the pronunciation of Cantonese, used in H.K.

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