The Sims 3 crashes when loading, please help!!!!!?


My mom bought me The Sims 3 and since my computer can't run it, I installed it on her new one (until I get a laptop for my birthday in September). Anyway, since I installed it yesterday it will go fine until it is loading the neighbourhood. Then it will freeze, and the music will skip repeatedly, and I end up having to unplug the computer. I am really anxious to play, please help!

Thank you for your time!

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    Although there are reported crashes, there does not seem to be major, common ones that render the game unusable. Most of the crashes seem to be specific to certain hardware/software/driver configurations – we can only give general advice to minimize the possibility of crashes in this case.

    Update DirectX – If you are using Windows XP, please update to the latest DirectX monthly runtime. This will get rid of all the ‘missing dll file’ errors and will reduce the possibility of in game crashes. Latest monthly runtime can be found here.

    Update Video card drivers – Both NVIDIA and ATI have recent video drivers out – you should always try updating to the latest official driver version available for your hardware for best performance. If anything goes wrong, the option to rollback to previous release is always there.

    ATI Drivers: Download the latest ATI Catalyst drivers from this link:

    NVIDIA Drivers: Download latest official NVIDIA drivers from this link:

    For Beta ATI/NVIDIA drivers for Windows 7, XP and Vista, check out this page:

    Update sound card and motherboard drivers - Click Here to download 3DP Chip for Windows Vista/XP – This program will automatically detect your hardware (video card, sound card and motherboard) and find available driver updates.

  • alpis
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    4 years ago

    have you ever tried deleting the script cache folder interior the archives/digital Arts/Sims 3 folder? I had an identical concern with my Sims 2 activity, it would not even initiate and from what i've got study, deleting the cache folders interior the muse folder in some situations facilitates because of the fact they get too great or corrupted. It did help my activity when I deleted the cache folders.

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