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clothes store in montreal?

hi im japanese 25 years old woman.

i going to canada montreal from nextweek 25th june.

do you know some discount clothes shop like century21 in new york?

i like D&G and other italian brand cloth or DIESEL but i dont know where is big discount store .i also wanna go to clothes shop where have fasionable items so if you know well about trend fasion,please teach me;

ps i go to there by my self so i want get friend who can go to restrant or bar or nightclub in there ..i hope i can meet nice person in there.

please dont send me mail abnormal person.

please email me! ppwjm675@yahoo.co.jp

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    You will be arriving in Montreal one day after a major Quebec provincial holiday, so my apologies if our city may look a but messy. There will probably be many blue and white flags littering the streets and posted in store windows.

    Montreal is well known for its fashion, food, and French culture. If you are looking to buy clothing while you are visiting, I am sure you will find many boutiques that will have different designs at different price ranges.

    You will probably be interested in shopping on Chabenel Street in Montreal, while you are here. That is where you will find Montreal's garment industry and often the manufacturers have great deals when you buy straight from their showrooms.


    Montreal does not have many of the "factory outlet" malls like thye have in USA, so do not expect great deals at low prices. You will have to simply do some walking around our shopping malls and see if anything catches your eye. Look for sales and the quality of the merchandise.

    Also be aware that whatever price is listed on the clothing, you will have to pay taxes on top of that. I am not sure if you have been to Canada (and Quebec) before, but in Montreal most things you buy are subject to two taxes:

    GST - Goods and Services Tax (5%)

    (This is called the TPS in Quebec)

    PST - Provincial Sales Tax (7.5%)

    (This is called the TVQ in Quebec)

    So whatever you buy, expect it to cost almost 13% more at the cashier. And unfortunately, this is not like the VAT in some other countries that you can get back from the government when you leave Canada. They have cancelled the tax refund program, so international visitors cannot claim these taxes back at the end of their trip. (Sorry!)

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    Hi, hope you have a nice visit. First, I would go to the underground part of the city and simply walk around and see whats there - its huge and has many, many stores. You also need to check out St Laurent Blvd as well as St Catherine street - there are many clothing stores there of all types.

    BTW, if you are still in Montreal on June 30th - Stevie Wonder is giving a free concert downtown to start off the Jazz festival. Have fun.

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    besides what ^ said i would highly suggest hitting up Le Carrefour Laval. Also theres a bunch of outlets a couple exits (the highway is right next to it) away from it, in the opposite direction. Im also heading to montreal hehe and will DEFINATELY be at Carrefour Laval. its a huge mall with stores for every taste of clothes, and the outlets down the way top it off. I beleive the outlets close earlier than you would expect though so you can't go too too late. Have fun!

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