Jesus didn't die for our sins, but *because* of our sins?

and yet still returned and forgave His very killers, to teach the ultimate compassion by example..? is my understanding right?

so why do people say things like "His blood absolves us" and "Jesus died for our sins"? Shouldn't it be "His love absolves us"..? but how does one believe that, without it becoming a cop-out for their own behaviour?

this is a sincere question, thanks

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    Jesus died for our sins so that we wouldn't have to- He took our place, and therefore He died, not because of His own sins, but because of ours. does that make it more clear?

    He forgave His very killers to teach the ultimate compassion by example. He wants us to do the same-- all His life He was blameless, and yet He loves us so much He was willing to take on our sins as if they were His own and die for them so we wouldn't have to!!

    isn't that the greatest love you've ever heard of?!

    when people say that "His blood absolves us" they probably just mean that He died, and therefore His blood, has set us free-- if He had not died for our sins, then we could not take part in the gift of eternal life that He's offered us!

    "His love absolves us" is saying a similar thing: He loved us so much that He died so we could live with Him forever. He didn't want to be without us, He loved us so much He wouldn't let us have that fate, and that's why He died. to free us. and show us His great love.

    I believe it, knowing that I sin and am not worthy of it- but I accept it, trying my best to live the life He's planned for me and following Him.

    just because He did this doesn't mean we are just guaranteed eternal life. we don't have to work for it- but we should do our best to follow Him, and not intentionally sin then ask for """forgiveness""". that isn't sincere, and it shows we don't really love God. we shouldn't try to use it as an excuss for sinning, when we sin, and feel guilty, and then repent- it should be sincere, true, real, and from the bottom of our hearts. other wise it is not acceptable.

    God's love covers us- don't get me wrong- but we shouldn't use it as a way to get around our own sins and mistakes. God will judge us in the end. we should simply try to live our lives according to His will, and when we mess up, be truely sorry and confess our sins to Him- which He will forgive!!

    i hope i helped!!

    God Bless You!!

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    Jesus actually did die for our sins AND because of our sins. Not only did He give his life because we are sinful, he also actually took our place where we deserve to be. Jesus did not commit any sin, yet voluntarily humbled Himself and became obedient enough to God to remove this sin, that we could never do on our own. Jesus did this for us to give us a way back to God. For doing so, God gave Jesus "all authority over heaven and earth".

    Yes, of course Jesus forgave those who killed Him. That is what He was all about. He taught those who would listen the very same thing. Yes, His love absolves us. It is all the same as "his blood absolves" and "Jesus died for our sins". He did it all because of His love for us. Anyone who uses what Jesus did for us as a "cop-out" for their own behaviour, does not love Him.

    If you believe that Jesus died in your place, knowing very well YOU should have taken on that punishment, and you spend the rest of your life thanking Him and praising Him for doing so, that is the beginning of our reunification with God.

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    Correct, Jesus died to pay for our sins. It is because as sinners our works, deeds etc. are no more than dirty rags and will not make us acceptable to a Holy and Just God. If there wasn't some attonement for our sins then we are still guilty and are only suitable for hell. The perfect sacrifice, God coming in the flesh was God reaching out in love to grab those bound for hell and death.

    Jesus paid for all the sins of those that would:

    1) Believe

    2) Repent sincerely

    3) Asking for forgiveness.

    Amazing Grace is both a song and a fact.

    Jesus paid off the sin debt of those that repent and believe but that is not a cop-out. Saying his blood washed away my sins is no more than saying that through Jesus' death and resurrection he removed a debt of sin. In Mere Christianity C.S. Lewis talks about the 7 deadly sins. You may want to find a copy.

    In the end it is Jesus sacrifice and where our hearts are that matter to God and in his book "The Greatest thing in the World" Henry Drummond talks about love and our relationship with God. Here is a link where it is available for free online.

    A couple songs with some truth for you.

    Voice of Truth

    East to West

    Between the alter and the door.

    In the Middle

    Broken Walls - Good Medicine

    There will be a day - Jeremy Camp

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    Jesus died on the go, is the classic subject of the Gospel. It replaced into for this objective Jesus got here into the international [John 12:27] Jesus loss of life on the go replaced right into a ransom for mankinds sins [Matthew 20:28; Romans 3:24; a million Peter a million:18].

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    He didn't die *because* of our sins.

    He voluntarily did what he did as a "ransom". We were bought with a price. Ransomed from what? Sin and eternal spiritual death & Satan, which is what our destiny would have been without His suffering and death. His shed blood expiated our sins and saved the human race from the bondage of sin and death.

    One man (Adam) brought sin into the world and death into the world, and it took one man (Jesus Christ) to break those chains. (Romans 5:12-19)

    When Christ died, he went into the realm of the dead to announce to all of the good and deserving souls languishing there, that now they were free to go to heaven. His Resurrection and His Ascension into heaven was the ultimate victory over Satan.

    So yes. He did very much die for our sins.... It was a debt paid by someone who did not have to pay it, on behalf of all mankind, who could have never paid it on their own.


    To answer another question on here - He had to do it this way, because from the very beginning, blood has been spilled as an atonement for sins. From the very earliest times, the blood of a bull was sprinkled over an altar, and over the people themselves to expiate their sins in the eyes of God. But Jesus Christ became the perfect blood sacrifice for all time. The earlier blood sacrifices were earthly copies of heavenly things, but the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ was the real deal. This is all explained in detail in Hebrews (Hebrews 9:1-15) in the New Testament.....

    Source(s): It's all in the Bible - give it a good read sometime ;-)
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    Jesus died because he loved us enough to die for us. In a sense he did die for our sins, he died so that we could be forgiven when we sin. If you read the differences between the old testiment and the new one youll see that God wasnt very forgiving. He destroyed people, and villages for sins. And after Jesus came to Earth he did what he could to show that he loved us. He showed forgiveness to show that he will forgive us for our sins and love us no matter what. Now some people like to think that means that we can do whatever we want and ask for forgiveness, but if I punch you and say sorry and you forgive me, will you continue to do so even after you see its not an accident? Of course not. So we also have to show that we love Jesus and God our creator and show that we are trying, and we truly wish to live for him, and like him.

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    Jesus died to redeem a lost and dying world back to himself. He died "for" or "because" is just a play on words. Jesus was slain before the foundation of the world. (see Revelation 13:8)

    Jesus' death on the cross fulfilled all the scriptures in Psalm 22.

    Jesus' suffering fulfilled Isaiah 53.

    Jesus' right to be the promised Messiah, is based in the fact that he fulfilled all that was written concerning him.

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    Jesus died to take away all the sins of the world

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    This is the one part of Christianity that still makes no sense to me. Why did he have to die for our sins? If he's God, couldn't he just absolve them by some other means. Why was dieing the only way?

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    You are on solid theological ground, mostly.

    There is also the matter of Jesus revealing the nature of God--Jesus is willing to suffer on our behalf, because God is willing to suffer on our behalf. That is an expression of love; but substitutionary atonement is presented as being about justice.

    And despite all the hype about substitutionary atonement, there is something just a bit creepy about being willing to accept someone else's suffering so that you won't have to suffer.

    If the idea is for a person to be transformed morally into the image of Christ, then there is hardly anything LESS likely to bring this about, than being too willing to benefit too easily from another's dire suffering (such as that of Christ on the cross).

    A more "Christ-like" response would be to refuse to accept the offer, to be willing to go to Hell oneself out of compassion for the suffering for Jesus (that is, after all, what Jesus did). This is why "being transformed into the image of Christ," a Biblical concept, doesn't fit very well with theologies of substitutionary atonement.

    I am a Preacher's Kid, grew up in a religious home, and accepted substitutionary atonement as a matter of course in my childhood.

    But today it reminds me more of the character Winston Smith, in "Nineteen Eighty--Four," who when during torture is presented with the prospect of having his face eaten alive by hungry rats, says, "Do it to Julia" (Julia was his lover).

    Whether one says, "Do it to Julia," or "Do it to Jesus," there is little moral difference. Either way, it's a form of betrayal.

    Or consider the plot of "Button, Button," from Season One of "The New Twilight Zone:" A husband and wife in financial difficulties are given a little wooden box with a wooden button on it, and are told that if they push the button they will receive $200,000--but someone they have never met will die. Should they push the button . . . or not?

    And isn't pushing the button--allowing someone else to suffer (and die) so that you can gain--a lot like accepting too readily the suffering of Jesus on your own behalf?

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