Utilisons-nous le subjonctif avec l'expression: "Il est evident que..."?

Can you translate the "subjonctif" into english?

For ex/ Je doute que je sache. in english is: ?

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    1 decade ago
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    I don't think we'd say '"je doute que je sache". You know or you don't!

    Usually "je doute que" refers to something future when used with the subjunctive in French and the future in English e.g:

    "je doute qu'il vienne" = I doubt he will come.

    edit: we don't necessarily use the subjunctive with "il est évident que".

    If it's present, it will be the present simple : il est évident qu'il a un problème (not "qu'il ait un problème") = it's obvious that he has a problem / he is in a trouble.

    With the negation, we can use the subjunctive, again to show we refer to the future and we are not sure e.g:

    il n'est pas évident qu'il vienne = it's not certain at all that he will come.

    If it's sure, then it's the future: il est évident qu'il viendra = it's obvious that he will come.

    Personally, as a French speaker, I'm trying to make sentences with "il est évident que" + subjunctive, but to me it doesn't make sense! It's rather the future.

    Source(s): I'm French*
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  • 1 decade ago

    The expression "il est évident que" is always by the indicative, not the subjunctive (no doubt).

    Je doute que je sache is INCORRECT, for the reason that you have the same subject in the subordinate clause and in the 1st clause. You could say : "Je doute savoir que...." though a better way to put it would simply to say "Je ne sais pas si..."

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  • 1 decade ago

    There is almost no use of subjunctive in English, except for IF I WERE...

    the sentence

    Je doute que je sache


    I doubt that I know

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  • 1 decade ago

    Non, après "il est évident que", on n'utilise jamais le subjonctif.

    Mais après "il n'est pas évident que" (une négation), il faut l'utiliser.

    And no, the subjunctive doesn't exists in English.

    "Je doute que je sache" simply translates to "I doubt that I know"

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