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If. as Netanyahy states, expansion must continue in the West Bank due to "natural growth, then why?

is it that there are 3000 unsold units there,? Further more if this is so necessary then why can't these settlements be built within the borders of the 1947 agreement where at least they would be legal and there is more than enought room for them Could it be that Netanyahu is taking the US and the world for a ride. This man will do anything to stop a 2 state solution and the problem of Gaza, 11,000 prisoners Palestinian rule in the West Bank free travel for all ,an airport and sea port for the Palestinians have not even been discussed.


Greebo Yes I see your point The right for Israel to exist should be observed by Hamas BUT only to those Israelis living within their legal 1947 borders.Why should Hamas agree to an Israel which even by UN and the Geneva convention standards deemed to be illegal.?

Update 2:

MOV AH Yes it could even be agreed providing Israel also compensate the victims of Sabra, Shatilla and Gaza not to mention the 16.000 homes demolished and thousands of Palestinians killed since 1947


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    The "natural growth" of the Palestinian population is greater than the

    "natural growth" of the Israeli population. Even the non-Jewish Arabs who are citizens of Israel have a higher birth rate than Jewish Israelis.

    The Israeli policy is short sighted. The people they are trying to squeeze out aren't going anywhere.

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    Fair enough. If Israel rolls back to 1947 borders, Hamas, as well as all Israeli neighbors should provide compensation to Israel for every attack since 1947. If you consider this fair, what's the ETA on the compensation? Never? Thought so.

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    You look at the negatives rather than the positives, for a hardliner like Netanyahu to agree to the principle of a Palestinian state is a big thing, yes he puts in almost impossible conditions but it is still a major thing for him to concede - almost like Yasser Arafat conceding Israel had a right to exist back in the 1990s.

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    No one will prevent Israelis from adding a room to their house, no one will prevent them from building a new house in an existing community, this is what Netanyahu said, nothing wrong with that.

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