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Anyone else think Javert is the most interesting, complex, and sympathetic character in Les Miserables?

I know we're supposed to root for Val Jean, and I do. I don't want him to be caught.

And I do feel bad for Fantine as well.

But I feel the most for Javert. To me, he is the most tortured soul of all. Hardened, cold, but not evil- misguided and misunderstood.

**LOL I imagine if I met him, I could soften him and make him smile! All he needs his a love of a woman to show him kindness hehe!

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    I agree that he IS a very complex character. He's certainly interesting to watch and take note of in the musical. There are some points where you want to punch him in the face and others where you feel bad for him. There are so many different points to his personality. It makes him one of the most interesting characters there.

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    To me, Javert seems to work to show what Val Jean could have become, had he not had his change of heart through the kindness of the bishop. Javert is definitely tortured. He is fooled into thinking that his pursuit of justice is somehow "right". The concept of mercy seems to completely elude him. When it is shown to him, through Val Jean, he can only accept it in terms of what is "just". When that fails, so does he. Sad, that he can't do with it what Val Jean does.

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    Sympathetic and interesting? Absolutely. Complex? I'm not so sure. When his lofty ideals are threatened, he does what he does to himself just to maintain the status quo. He is incapable of seeing outside of his own little box. To me, that makes him simplistic. Sometimes I feel sorry for him because he is so incapable of seeing past himself, sometimes I really just hate that guy. :)

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    Far be it for me to criticize Victor Hugo, but I would have like to have seen him more in the story.

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