White people have olive skin to peach skin, not true white skin. Many East Asians have the true white skin why?

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east asians are not considered white, but europeans ? How " white " this term is defined ? By geography location or by true skin colors ? If by skin colors, East asians are the only white people in the world.


Pale doesnt equal to white. I am talking about white, not pale. Nordic also only have peach or pale, absolutely not true white like East Asians.

Update 2:

@ ihateyou, what I meant was why europeans are called white but not east asians are called white. My bad, not good english.

Pale and light skin NEVER equal to white like us East Asians have.

Update 3:

@ the south asian girl below " joel". I am not insecured at all. I am a very confident person, but I need to know how this term comes up. I am not talking about beauty criteria.

Update 4:

@ scarlett. I am really proud to be an asian, specifically, east asian, :)

I ask this question with a special intention, but only intelligent people understand it. :)

Update 5:

@ half south asian girl, I thought you should have understood why I am asking this question, obviously, you dont.

Update 6:

@ Jen ( itlalian/polish ), the woman on that pic is PINK !!!!

Update 7:

****** I didnt thumb down anyone.

Update 8:

@ patriot 3. I am asking how the term " white" is defined, from skin colors or from geographical location or from something else. This question is specifically for white people, including europeans, not just for americans. I am not asking about american history or racism.

Update 9:

@ Rachel, not me thumbed down you. I am talking about the " white" color and not light skin. Irish people have very light and thin skin, thus we can see them light skin with pink, but never " white ", but east asian people have the MILK color, not because the skin is thin, but the color is like MILKY white.

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    White people have pale skin and so do Asians. According to the American Anthropological Association (world's largest professional organization in anthropology), here's what they say about physical traits and race:

    " Physical variations in any given trait tend to occur gradually rather than abruptly over geographic areas. And because physical traits are inherited independently of one another, knowing the range of one trait does not predict the presence of others. For example, skin color varies largely from light in the temperate areas in the north to dark in the tropical areas in the south; its intensity is not related to nose shape or hair texture. Dark skin may be associated with frizzy or kinky hair or curly or wavy or straight hair, all of which are found among different indigenous peoples in tropical regions. These facts render any attempt to establish lines of division among biological populations both arbitrary and subjective.

    Historical research has shown that the idea of "race" has always carried more meanings than mere physical differences; indeed, physical variations in the human species have no meaning except the social ones that humans put on them. Today scholars in many fields argue that "race" as it is understood in the United States of America was a social mechanism invented during the 18th century to refer to those populations brought together in colonial America: the English and other European settlers, the conquered Indian peoples, and those peoples of Africa brought in to provide slave labor. "

    Conclusion: Skin tone has nothing to do with race. If a Hispanic person has a brown skin tone, would that person be considered "black"?

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    Chinese Girls rule the world: I'm sorry but a lot of asian girls DO skin bleach. I have 3 friends who order the product online bc they cant find it where we live. They also buy a product or get surgery to make their eyelids rounder.... not all asian girls do this, but a MAJORITY if they dont do it, at least wish they did. As to the question, i have seen a few asians who do have white skin, however, while for some it's natural, one has to wonder about how many were actually achieved with these products. Also, people from scandinavia are the people with the lightest skin tone and lightest hair which far surpasses people from East Asia. Sorry but it is the reality on things. However, congratulations to those few East Asian individuals who have managed to have white skin, whether it's natural... or fake.

    PS. Have y'all noticed it is mainly the girls doing these things? The guys not as much.

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    The average folk had olive skin - it is not very cold in the area where they live. Also, get this: Rich = fairer Labourers - tanned If you are rich, you can afford to stay indoors and not tan. If you are poor, you have to work outside and get tanned. Of course there was some mixing with Germanic and Gauls (although both were seen as barbarians).

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    East Asians aren't the only ones with really light skin. I have seen white people almost as white as a ghost, and a couple of black people. The color names they give to certain people are usually not acurate descriptions. Most black people have brown skin. It's life.

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  • Anonymous
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    Euros are pale they are the only white people I am Scandinavian with blonde hair blue eyes super pale skin tall and nordic features and all norther euros are pale English German Irish Dutch are pale I have seen bunch of Asians in the us they are dark and short. And I went to china Japan with my jap friend all the japs and Chinese were dark and they thought u was like super because I was nordic so no Asians are dark and not white you guys bleach your skin and are still dark and a little crazy and jealous of eureos

    • They said I was super I meant to put an I but pressed letter u by accident

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    Why does skin colour matter?

    Europeans are considered white... Which makes no sense since you said Asians aren't considered white but european. Ive never heard of a east asian being called a european lol.

    Oh its okay. White is like saying Caucasian its the skull type. East Asians are mongloids, their features are really different from Caucasians..

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    I agree that Asians have white skin and Europeans always have peach or pink undertones. Asians don't seem to freckle as much either. I think Asian skin may be thicker and more durable than European skin, which means the blood wouldn't be as close to the skin surface, so the peach/pink undertones are not visible.

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    What are you talking about? Everyone in Europe has white skin apart from the eastern Europeans (by eastern I mean Turks, etc NOT Latvians etc) and the southern Europeans, eg Spanish.

    I'm Irish and I'm extremely pale just like 80% of the country is. And you said Eastern Asians have White skin? By that I'm assuming you mean Chinese, etc.Um nooooo in fact they're known for having yellow skin, not white.

    EDIT- Why am I getting a thumbs down??! It's the truth you IDIOT.

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    most asians also have a yellow undertone to their skin. Well, east asians anyway, while south asians are generally various shades of brown.

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    It's funny. Italians are considered white yet many of them have olive skinned and even brown skin at times. Just look at Ray Romano. But everyone sees them as white. I think it's true what a user said here some time ago. In the U.S., politics and your social standing depends if they accept you as white. For example, before the Irish were considered 'nonwhite' but as they were gaining political power and assimilating they became white.

    Everyone sees Jewish people as white. Ignoring the fact that many Jewish people in the Middle East have the same ancestry as Muslims do. Yet, hardly anyone considers Muslims in the Middle East white.

    People here are going to tell you that "white" consists of being of Nordic, Anglo, or Germanic heritage. Thus, why you couldn't be white especially if your eyes are small. It doesn't go with the established rule of what is white. Skin color really is only a part of what makes a person's race. Eyes, facial features, and hair type also factors in.

    The more I talk to people and the more I spend time here I'm convinced that race is mostly a social concept. Sure, there are differences and you can see it in our DNA but that's only a small part. Overall, it's what society dictates and society long ago dictated that Europeans were white and everyone else is nonwhite. Period.

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