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can anybody explain analog to digital cable conversion. Does the service provider need to access my property?

to do any "upgrades". All the cables are the same so why would they need access to my property.

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    If anyone is telling you that he needs to access your property due to the digital TV conversion that occurred last week (June 12-13), it may be a scam because that conversion only related to over-the-air (OTA) TV, not cable nor satellite.

    In the case of cable companies that are gradually converting all of their channels to digital, you may be required at some point to obtain a new set-top-box, but there's no reason for any cabling change. And the cable company may provide a basic STB for free if you previously didn't have one and all of your analog channels on the cable are gone.

    Bottom line, I'd be suspicious of any suggestion that someone needs to visit you because of the analog-digital conversion.

    To follow up on the other answer that suggests changing your in-house cable from RG-59 to RG-6, the time to do that is after you've installed and set up your new STB and found the performance lacking. It may or may not be necessary. My house has a very long run of RG-59, and my Comcast HD digital service is excellent.

    There is one more possibility: if your cable service is aerial (on poles) instead of buried in your neighborhood, the cable company may want to replace the "drop" cable on your property--the cable from the pole to the interface outside of your house. That's legitimate; just make sure it's really the cable company that wants to do it, and have them explain to you why they need to do it.

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  • 4 years ago

    No, you will no longer choose a converter container. The substitute in February in basic terms impacts over the air (OTA) indicators you're able to watch with an antenna. in case you have satellite tv for pc or cable, you is genuinely no longer affected. Your DirecTV receiver is already handing over an analog sign on your television, that isn't substitute. i desire this facilitates. Please return and decide a superb answer from all of those submitted.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Because they may have to UPGRADE your cabling to deliver good Signal...Your cable may not work well after several years of wear and tear, plus it's likely to be RG-59 cabling instead of RG-6

    Source(s): Over 26 years servicing TV sets.
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