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could you stab bullet-proof armor with a cutlass sword?

this question might seem dumb but i was wondering if its possible to stab through bullet proof armor with a cutlass sword

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    A cutlass would not have the tensile strength to penetrate a bullet proof vest, now a stilletto would have the ability.

    Bullet proof vests are designed to stop the impact from bullets, as most bullets are designed for impact damage and penetrate due to a dull force. That is why armor piercing bullets, bullets that are designed with a very sharp hard point, can penetrate it.

    While a cutlass was designed for slashing, it was not a strong stabbing weapon and would not have the ability to put enough force on the point. A short sword, Epee or Stilletto are designed for stabbing and not slashing so they have the possibility of penetration with a cutting edge. Especially the Stilletto which was deisgned specifically to penetrate knights armor.

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    the new style bullet proof armor is made with kevlar

    the weave is made very tight on the fabric to restrict a bullet

    and since a cutlass sword is larger then a bullet it would not be able to penetrate the bullet proof fabric

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    It depends on the level of the armor. I know that level IIIA (what police wear) is not made to stop a knife, or high power rifle rounds. A sword on the other hand....depending on the shape and size of the tip could be stopped.

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    No, it doesn't. I do think that the bullet-proof armor is made to be a shield, where not anything can pierce through it.

    can someone answer mines?

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    Quite possibly.

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    No... but you could slash through it with a field knife, if you know where to strike.

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    no, seen it tried, it shaved right off

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