Happy Nation by Ace of Base?!?


What is "Happy Nation" by Ace of Base about?

Is it possibly about peace in the world?!

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    The band were briefly caught up in controversy when on 27 March 1993 the Swedish newspaper Expressen reported that Ulf had once been a member of a white power band called Commit Suiside who sang songs with racist lyrical content. He was also a member of the controversial far-right political party Sverigedemokraterna. Ulf was quick to admit that most of the details printed were true, but denied that he was racist. In the 1997 documentary "Our Story", Ulf said "I told everyone I really regret what I done. I closed that book. I don't want to even talk about it, that time does not exist in me any more. I closed it and I threw the book away. I took the experience from it, I learned from it. But that life is not me. It's somebody else."

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    Cro-Magnon will become famous soon enoughCro-Magnon will become famous soon enough

    Default Ace of Base Happy Nation, hidden pro-white message?

    There is a alot of buzz on youtube that this Ace of Base song from 1993 has a pure white nation message. I know the younger guy was in a National Socialist group before joining the band. Plus there are ancient Aryan symbols in the video.

    YouTube - ace of base happy nation

    YouTube - ace of base happy nation

    "Happy nation living in a happy nation

    where the people understand

    And dream of perfect man

    situation lead to sweet salvation

    For the people for the good

    For mankind brotherhood"

    "Ideas by man and only that will last

    And over time we`ve learned from the past

    That no man`s fit to rule the world alone

    A man will die but not his ideas

    Several times, they chant "Tell them we've gone to far, tell them we've gone to far." As in referring to multiculturalism in white nations.

    to me ong is about the ideas of democracy and tolerance (as opposed to autocracy – “no man's fit to rule the world alone”), and that they are endangered in today world (“tell them we've gone too far”). I think the “travelling in time” is about making the old mistakes again.

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