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What's the best kind of Fallen shoes?

I'm planning on getting a pair of Fallen shoes, but I'm not sure what pair I should get. I've heard Rippers and Patriots are pretty good.

I like high tops, so I was thinking of getting Rising Suns, or Chiefs, but are those pairs any good?

Also, if you're just going to tell me to get a different brand, or say you don't know, you've never worn Fallen shoes, then please don't answer, it doesn't help me.


I'm using these shoes for skateboarding, of course.

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    Fallen Skateshoes are by far one of the best in the sport of Skateboarding. They're padded really well, and built to last. Just like their company of skateboards Zero, Mystery and Slave. Jamie Thomas really knows how to make his products. To be honest, it doesn't matter when pair of Fallen shoe you get, as long as you like the design. And also pick the right amount of padding. Fallen Skateshoes as I said before is overall very good and last long. So no matter what shoe you pick, it's bound to surprise you. =D

    As for high top skate shoes, mids are probably better. I prefer skate shoes that don't obstruct my ankles, provides a bit more freedom for my foot to do tricks. But of course, it depends on what type of riding you're doing. High tops have their advantages too, such as being able to prevent more ankle injuries you know? It's able to wrap your ankles so it's protected. Mids of course, sorta provide the best of both worlds. I prefer mids and lows. I like the freedom in my shoes. ;)

    I hope that helps.

    Source(s): Experience!! =D
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    fall shoes are shoes that may save you're ft heat and dry whilst the climate transformations from often used. you do not desire heavy boots, yet you do not desire sandals. skater shoes are continuously a stable selection. alongside with, tennis shoes, Timberlands, or skinny cloth boots.

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