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What are some cute, bright, summer eyeshadow looks?

i don't like those natural colours, and all of those beiges and browns and pale colours. i like bright colours, with a bit of shimmer. i am a teenager after all :) any bright funky looks that arent too WOW and trashy, but just some really cute looks for summer will be greatly appreciated :) thank you! <3

love you all :)

oh and i have blue eyes, if that means anything, and a fair skin tone and blonde hair. i know how some of that contributes towards what makeup looks good on someone. thankss <3

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    We have the same features, except I have strawberry blonde hair.

    Put a shimmery light cream on the inside corner of your eye to about the middle of the lid. I really like Maybelline's Tranquil Sands. On the outside of the lid, shade with a shimmery purple like Maybelline's Amethyst to the middle inside of the lid and a little along the bottom lashline, on the outside corner of the eye and up along the bottom edge of the brow bone, forming a V-Shape. Finally, swipe a shimmery cream like Maybelline's Tranquil Sands along the top of the brow bone and under the eyebrow, and also put a dab at the inner corner of your eye.

    And thick black mascara is a must! MAC Plushlash is my favorite and it is only $11 and is the best mascara I have ever used.

    Here is a picture of my eyes:

    Another great color for the outer corner is a shimmery dark green. I really like Maybelline's Antique Jade.

    Hope this helps!

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