Isn't there a sniper point on GTA: Liberty Stories?

I remember playing GTA3 on PS2, and i could've sworn there was a vantage point where you could snipe everyone. Isn't it in China Town?

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    The Best Place To Use Your Sniper Rifle From Is The Platform Opposite The Boat. First Shoot The Two Guards By The Gangway Then Work From Left To Right Killing The Men On The Boat

    Go To The Ammu-nation In Staunton Island And Pick Up A Sniper Rifle. Steal A Large Vehicle And Drive On The Free Way Until You See The Casino (if You Wait Until Night You Can Find The Casino Easier With Its Bright Lights). Park The Van In Front Of The Stairs (this Way The Cops Can't Get To You). Go Up The Stairs As High As You Want And Let It Rip. Have Fun

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