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Who is a better player? Calvin Johnson or Andre Johnson?

Calvin Johnson had Jon Kitna, Joey Harrington and Daunte Culpepper throwing to him for his first two seasons and johnson still manages to get 80 yards a game and averages 8 touchdowns a season. He averages 1044 yards a season.

Andre Johnson has played 86 games and manages to get 74 yards a game. And averages 6 touchdowns a season. And he averages 1063 yards a season. And that is with David Carr, Sage Rosenfels and Matt schaub at quarterback

Lets take it one step further. Not counting the seasons when steve smith didnt play. 2001 and 2004. Steve Smith averages 89 yards a game and averages 7 touchdowns a season. He averages 1189 yards a season. And steve smith is 5 foot 9 inches. he has had jake delhomme at qb.

Larry Fitzgerald gets 79 yards a game and averages 9 touchdowns a season. Not to mention 1195 yards a season. He has had leinhart and warner at qb.

Hell Even T.O- He avergages 1086 yards a season (over 12 seasons) and 11 touchdowns a season with 75 yards a game. He has had several different quarterbacks. Jeff garcia, steve young, mcnabb, and romo

You can even take torry holt. He averages 1266 yards a season and 7 touchdowns a season. And averages 80 yards a game. He has had marc bulger and kurt warner

Take Anquan boldin- He averages 1083 yards a season and 7 touchdowns a season. He averages 81 yards a game. Same qb as fitzgerald.

You can take Dwayne Bowe who has had 50 quarterbacks so far. He averages 1009 yards a season with 6 touchdowns and he averages 63 yards a game.

You can even take derrick mason when he started playing games in 2000. I wont count stats from 97-99 when he didnt start any game and barely played. He averages 1050 yards a season and 6 touchdowns a season. He averages 80 yards a game. and about 100 different qb's. I mean even kyle boller

My point is this. People on here assume that ANDRE JOHNSON is some TOP 3 player. But look above and you will see how he ranks with people you would not consider him with. Andre Johnson has had 2 good years and granted not so good qb with carr but same goes for calvin johnson. None of you guys on here CARED about johnson his first 4 years I can ASSURE you that. Its funny how 90% of you on here play fantasy football and were like "OMG" look at this guy andre johnson he is the best EVER. I assume that MATT RYAN and JOE FLACCO are the best too? And michael turner? You know guys with one or two years of good play under their belt that they are the best in the league? It would be nice if people on here would actually understand the game a little bit more instead of assuming that because a player has one or two great years that he is the BEST but over look the fact they had 4 or 5 terrible years prior.


If you are just going to say ANDRE JOHNSON back up your reason or there is no point of taking your answer seriously.

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    Calvin Johnson without a doubt.

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    I'm not exactly sure what you're arguing right now because both receievers are very very good. But if your just going to look at stats then its not worth arguing at all. To watch Andre Johnson play is really something else. He has an incredible knack for getting open. He also makes alot of highleight reel catches. That is not to take away from the physical freak that is Calvin Johnson either. Now if I'm going to pick a reciever to have on my team I'm going to have alot of trouble doing so. Because you run into the age factor. You potentially will get about 5 more years out of Calvin. But it's really tough to know exactly what your going to get out of Calvin because he's only been around for 2 years and only 1 has been great. I would probably take my chances on Calvin though because I liked him out of GT. Andre however has only had one bad year. His rookie year was very good for a rookie. His 2005 season was bad, however he was injured and missed 3 games. This may have influenced other games too I don't remember off hand. And 2007 he had 851 yards in 9 games!!! So don't argue that his stats don't hold up and that he had 4 bad years because you are wrong. He had 3 years under 1000 yards and they are all explained. Andre Johnson is in my opinion a top 5 reciever in this league and yes he is LEGIT. But like I said, just because Calvin is so young I think I may pick him on my team. I like Andre better though.

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    Calvin Johnson just had one of the greatest regular seasons in NFL history with over 1600 yards and 16 touchdowns so I got to go with Megatron on this one.

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    Andre Johnson, has had some crap quaterbacks throwing to him, not that Calvin Johnson hasn't either, but Calvin is more of a speed reciever and Andre is more of a possesion, and I think possesion recievers are more valuable.

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    Andre Johnson. The guys on NFL Live were saying he was better than Fitzgerald!

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    Calvin Johnson definitely! Because he made all those awesome catches even with kitna.

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    i think that andre johnson is better now in the future, he has developed with an alright qb and calvins qb is an alright one to, so it would go to andre johnson

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    Andre Johnson is a much more COMPLETE receiver than Calvin. Andre can do it all - he's got great size, speed, strength, and hands. It's a rarity that someone truly does not have a weakness. Andre Johnsons only real weakness has been his inability to stay healthy - even in his "complete" seasons, he's been injured, and it hampered his performance. Even so, he played through it a lot of times, which shows a lot of toughness.

    Calvin Johnson is a speedster, and although he has good size, he's not a physical receiver like Andre. Andre is one of the top 5-10 blocking WR's in the league right now. Other than Boldin, Ward, and TO, I'd be hard pressed to name a wideout who is a better blocker than Andre Johnson. Calvin is nowhere near the top in that category. Calvin is more of a "homerun" threat, but Andre is a much better route runner, and is better at fighting off double and/or triple coverage - he's been facing it his entire career as he really was the Texans only target for a long, long time. Even so, he's put up very good numbers from a bad QB (Carr), and has done exceptional with QB's that can hardly be called elite (Rosenfels/Schuab).

    Calvin Johnson put up good numbers with crappy QB's last year, but it's unfair to call Kitna a terrible QB in 2007 - he was still better than practically half of the guys in the league at that point - he threw for over 4,000 yards in 07. His turnovers hurt a lot, but he still was a very productive QB.

    In 2008 Calvin Johnson had a revolving door of QB's. Harrington was never there, but he had Orlovsky, Culpepper, and Kitna. Now obviously that's pretty pathetic, but at the same time, the 3300ish yards and 18 TD's were more than Carr had in 03, more TD's than Carr had in 04, more in both categories again in 05, and more in both categories again in 06... so... in reality, that QB roullette was better than what Andre Johnson had in David Carr and Sage Rosenfels his first 4 years.

    In any case, as someone else pointed out, Calvin Johnson's age gives him a lot more upside, so I would take him before Andre right now, but even so, it'd be a tough choice.

    The point is that right now - at this very second - Andre Johnson is one of the top WR's in the league. There aren't many guys I would take over him, and you named a couple I would in your argument. Johnson is definitely among the elite in the league, and he'll continue to prove it.

    In any case, neither of these guys is as good as Randy Moss was when he came storming into the league. Moss is so good that he makes average QB's look EXCEPTIONAL. If you gave me the options of a young Randy Moss, there are only a couple of guys in the history of the game I would take before I took Moss. Take a look at these numbers:

    In Moss's first 6 years in the league, he had 77 TD's, and he averaged 1396 yards per season.... that's... uhh... pretty good.

    98 - An aging Randall Cunningham threw 34 TD's in essentially 13 games. Brad Johnson also threw 7 TD passes. Moss had 17, or 41% of them.

    99 - Jeff George and Cunningham (Both ancient by the way) combined for 31 TD's. Moss had 11 TD's (35.5%).

    00 - Duante - 33 TD's. Moss - 15 (45.5%)

    01 - QB's - 23 TD's. Moss - 10 (43.5%)

    02 - Pepper - 18. Moss - 7 (38.9%)

    03 - QBs - 32. Moss - 17 (53%!!!!)

    04 - Culpepper - 39. Moss - 13 (33%) (Moss didn't play a full season - he averaged over a TD a game tho)

    05 - QB's - 21 TD's. Moss - 8 (38%)

    06 - QB's - 7 TD's. Moss - 3 (43%) and Moss was injured again!

    07 - Brady - 50 TD's. Moss 23 (46%)

    08 - Cassell - 21 TD's. Moss - 11 (52%)

    Also, take a look at some of Moss's qb's numbers without him compared to with him.

    Cunningham - in seasons where he started 12 or more games, without Moss, he averaged 22.17 TD's a year. With him he had 34..... and that was in 13.5 games.

    Culpepper - averaged 28.75 TD's a season with Moss... without Moss.... he hasn't even been able to hang on to a starting job. In fact, he has only thrown 16 TD's since Moss left him... That was over the course of about 22 full games.

    Jeff George - Without Moss averaged 18.3 TD's a season when he started 12 or more games. With moss, he put up 23 TD's.... in 11.5 games.

    Now we have Brady, the current record holder for TD's.... prior to having Moss, his CAREER high was 28, with an average of 24.5 TD's a season. I believe he reached bettered his career mark halfway through the season in 2007... and then With Cassell in 2008 - do you think that Moss helped make him a good QB? Based on Moss's past I'd say so.

    Plus, I'm also ignoring yardage in this argument. Moss averages 1200 yards a season, and 12 TD's a year, and thats with those awful, distracted, and injured years from 2004-2006. If we neglect those years, Those numbers go up to 1360 yards and about 14 TD's a year. His QB's during those years - Randall Cunningham at age 38/39, Brad Johnson, an old Jeff George, a vastly overrated Duante Culpepper, a guy who hadn't started since high school, and of course, Tom Brady.

    My point is that Moss makes his QB that much better, and he's got the numbers to prove it - he's that good. I think that Andre Johnson does a better job at making his QB's look good than Calvin Johnson does. Calvin will get open and break a big gain, but he only does that once or twice a game. Andre gets tough first downs, blocks for his RB's, and has the potential to break a big play on top of that. Without Andre Johnson, Carr would have been on the bench by the 2nd year - just look at his stint in Carolina. Plus check out Carr's stats when Johnson was injured - Weeks 5-8 in 05 - 131 yards, 178 yards, 48 yards, and 138 yards. 3 losses in that span. Even in 2007 - 5 of the Texans 7 losses came during Johnson's injury.... coincidence?

    Johnson stretched out Carr's career that much longer, even though Johnson was constantly double or triple covered. Neither Johnson is the talent of Moss, but I think that Andre Johnson does more for his team, and is more valuable because he is a much more complete player.

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  • calvin johnson hands down

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  • 1 decade ago

    ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!! Andre Johnson by far

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