Apart from u-haul which other truck rental company is cheap. I am moving this month end?

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    1 decade ago
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    Let me give you a few tips on how to get a cheap rental truck.

    1) Try not to rent on the last weekend of the month...it's always busy. When that happens they increase the costs. A 16' truck that normally rents for $29.00/.59 cents a mile will now rent for $49.00 and .79 cents a mile.

    2) It costs more on Friday and Saturday. Try renting on other days.

    3) Call all of the companies in your area. Budget, U-Haul, Penski. As you do, tell them that you already called <insert truck company here> and they offered you <insert quote here>. They will usually beat that price. Then call back the first company....and on and on. Make them compete for your business, and you could cut 50% off the cost of your rental.

    Just note that U-Haul has the absolute worst customer service and worst trucks. Try to work with Budget if they will give you a good deal.

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