Is anyone else as frustrated with our party as I am?

Yes, I know there is a democrat name (or two) for every one of these creeps on our side that can't seem to practice what they preach and I know the lines they use are "it's just sex" and "it doesn't affect their job" and "you're taking part in the politics of personal destruction",


I WANT to be a member of the party of personal responsibility. I do not want to point to imperfections on the other side to justify these idiots on mine--I voted for John Ensign!....Grrrrr.

Is anyone else out there thinking they are going to quit voting until both of these parties shape up?

My grandfather didn't fight WWII for the right to vote for the jerks we have on our side right now.


So you certainly don't think these GOP goons should be gone after, right Steven, after the right was so mean to your president?

My question clearly doesn't release your party of irritation with republicans doesn't equate to my sudden appreciation of democrats...(Barney Frank, John Edwards...want more?)....come on, you know your party is no better. They are just immoral without preaching against it, and I'm not even close to accepting that as a better option!

Update 2:

krollohare2....what can I say? I'm sorry you feel it is okay to hold humans in such low regard. I don't plan on cheating, and I think it is okay to ask that of those who are leaders...don't you?

Who cares? I do! If I didn't care, I would be so irritated with these idiots!

DO NOT excuse this behavior! It does not make conservatives better, it drags us down!

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    Since when is caring for the poor person irresponsibility. Even your fundamental beliefs are built are fraud and errors. Bill Clinton signed welfare reform that put in time limits and work requirements. The characterization that the Republicans are for personal responsibility and the democrats are not is basically a lie - or an exaggeration. If there is anything the Pubs have to do is start telling America the truth.

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    Both of my parents survived WWII. My dad spent 2 years in a German POW camp and my mom was subjected to equal abuses by their axis allies.

    Frankly as Republicans they both voted for Kennedy. Even when he was known to have had numerous affairs, both before and during his presidency; they still thought he was a better president. He's the only Democrat they ever voted for in fact. And more importantly, they voted for Nixon in 1968 so they didn't think he was that bad either.

    The point of fact is, Ensign's human. He didn't try and cover it up. He said his peace.

    And more to the point, what difference does it make? Mitterrand of France had his wife and a mistress with mix-n-match kids.

    So what?

    I thought when the grilled Clinton over the sex thing, it was an horrific waste of public money. And I couldn't stand Clinton! But trying to impeach him over a BJ was just stupid.

    The fact of the matter is, people have affairs, people smoke dope; people drink; people smoke cigarettes even if they try and quit.

    However, that said the sex lives of our politicians are just none of our business.

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    I know the list is huge compared to the demo's .The sex should not even come into play .unless they espouse the principles .Sex should be a private thing.These are men at the top of their game.They are manipulators,orators and to get where they are they hv to draw you in and close the deal.Its going to happen and it does take 2.All the athletes are doing it but yet they are glorified for it.Maybe its because the athletes are up front about it .or maybe its that point in history where religion has brought down real philosophic values.

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    1 decade ago

    human beings are imperfect

    thats life

    and while i am leaning liberal i completely agree that there are scumbags on all sides and that we need to learn to be responsible and not try to blame crap on the other side

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm a registered republican and I agree with you! Nobody does what they promise. It's just frustrating.

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    personally...they are humans humans fail...its better to know what their issues are than to elect someone into office we know nothing about..other than he sat in a racist church married a racist woman...and may or may not be a citizen...things could be worse

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    The democrats atleast did not put your sinners on trial like the hundreds of millions you wasted going after pres. Clinton.

    Source(s): Best of all the biggest danger republicans are facing is other republicans!
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