Republicans...I am PI$$ED....are you?

This party needs a revolution...throw the bums out!

It is okay to be the party of personal responsibility, but that is what we have to be......these bums have to go or we are finished!

We cannot excuse the behavior we preach against!

John Ensign, Sanford (Samford, whatever his name is)


NO...don't get me wrong!

I am not excusing what is happening now...I am lamenting that no one on our side has the moral fortitude right now to fight what is happening.

I'm not excusing what OBAMA is doing at all...(although he may have better morals than some on our side--well, she'd kill him, I think, if he strayed....but anyway, I digress)

Update 2:

It's not a solution pearbear....we must actually practice the morals we preach and these "leaders" that do this crap make our entire movement look shabby!

How could we possibly attract newcomers to the conservative movement right now?---and at a time when we need newcomers the most!

Conservatism is not evil, despite how it is portrayed, but these morons we have in our party right now are destroying our future because they preach conservative values and don't practice them.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Absolutely. Sanford and Ensign are embarassments to America.

    Doesn't excuse Slick Barry Obama's wasteful spending, ruining our children's futures.

  • 1 decade ago

    Republicans .... your enemy is the pseudo-socialist, fascist types. They want to control your lives, tell you how to raise and educate your children; and spy on your every move.

    Just look at England. That's our future. Look at their opposition leader Dave Cameron, and then see what's going on.

    Ensign, Sanford or whoever else you consider to be an embarrassment is nothing.

    Its time to look at the issues, not the distractions.

  • 1 decade ago

    Politics do not equal morals, so why are we setting ourselves up for this. If he didn't get base his political career on his morals, he could say, "Oh well, moving on." However, he did. If he supports marriage, and people staying faithful to their spouses, and yet doesn't do it himself. How can I trust him to lower taxes or do anything else?

    If we stick to politics, then we can be like Clinton and ignore the critics!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Burn down fox news have all the blonde women reporters do it

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