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Israel occupies Jerusalem but who does it LEGALLY belong to '?

Please do not say that it was given by God as that simply does not hold water in legal terms. Yes West Jerusalem is their traditional capital just as East Jerusalem is the capitol of the Palestinians. The same question also applies to the West Bank at present illegally occupied by 300,000 odd settlers.


Pheemz At last a sensible answer to my question.

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    The UN(vetoed Israel every time) and the world, except Israel, recognize East Jerusalem as belonging to the Arabs and West Jerusalem belonging to Israel.Israel is illegally occupying East Jerusalem, and corruptly squeezing out the Palestinians by refusing them building and expansion permits and condemning their homes-LEAVING THEM HOMELESS. Israel also has green regions(both in Israel proper and in ARAB East Jerusalem(occupied)) where NO Arabs are allowed to purchase property or to build, very much akin to a stranger walling off a section of YOUR property(no enumeration):

    Israel is about to build an illegal dividing wall to separate all of Jerusalem from the West Bank.

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    The claim the UN recognises Israeli control over all of Jerusalem is a blatant lie.

    Even the Security Council rejects Israeli sovereignty over the whole of Jerusalem:

    So no, the UN does not accept Israeli sovereignty over the whole of Jerusalem. It explicitly rejects it.

    West Jerusalem is widely accepted as Israeli territory, but East Jerusalem along with the West Bank most certainly are not Israeli.

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    Legally Jerusalem belongs to Israel, as recognized by the UN and most other countries.

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    The bible saying it belongs to Israel is the only written document proving who it really belongs to plus the Palistines are stupid to try to attack Israel get their butts beat bad then lose more land and claim it is still theirs

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    I don't think it matters who owns it legaly. Do you think you will simply serve them legal documents and they will say "Oh well, pack up the hovel we got evicted". Silly question that solves nothing.

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    A guy I met in NYC sold it to me.

    He tried to sell me a bridge but I said to myself "A bridge? what the hell am I going to do with a bridge?"

    But then he offered me a fully populated country with it's own military. Sure it has some problems, but I have a plan for dealing with those.

    Bombing starts in 5 minutes.

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    It belongs to the Pope

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    Palistines are really bad hateful people. Even other moslems tell you that. No one wants them.

    Isreal owns it.

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