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So Wut Were Ur Thoughts For the First Round Draft?

Top 10 thoughts?

1.Blake Griffin-no doubt

2.Hasheem Thabeet-best choice since grizzlies need a down low presence

3.James Harden-surprised Rubio wasnt in here but personally i think the thunder made the right decision with harden who has alot of potential.Harden,durant,westbrook,green,wow....

4.Tyreke Evans-shocked the kings didnt take Rubio....Evans is pretty good though

5.Rubio-at this point this was the best option

6.Flynn-?????i was perplexed why they did this,curry wouldve been the best option and a backcourt of curry and rubio would be a killer

7.Curry-possibly the best scorer coming out of the draft but i think GSW needs a tru pg who can orchestrate the offense and be more of a passer.

8.Jordan Hill-well he was the best player at this point

9.Derozan-perfect fit for toronto,energetic athletic player.

10.Brandon Jennings-has alot of skill and potential and i think he will do a good job at pg for the bucks.

BQ:Who did ur team draft?Who did u want them to draft?

BQ2:Wayne Ellington=overlooked?

Agreed? This guy was picked 28th overall!

BQ3:Good or bad for OKC to get Harden over guys like curry and rubio. I say good.

BQ4:Biggest bust of this draft?

BQ5:ROY next year?


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    BQ some guy from the Congo and Green. They really should have selected Sam Young or Dejuan Summers. They both can come off the bench and have great athleticism and have the height to guard players like Hedo and Lewis. I understand the Cavs will make more moves in Free agency and trades, but why waste a draft pick on a kid that isn't even close to playing and doesn't have an amazing upside. Doesn't make sense.

    BQ2: Ya a lot of players were over looked.

    BQ3: good because they have westbrook and don't need a point. They need a good sized talented scoring guard.

    BQ4: B.J. Mullens. I have watched him play at OSU and the only thing he has going for him is his size. I know he has come from a poor family but still I bet this will be his last big pay check. He will rot in the D league.

    BQ5: James Harden

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    BQ:Who did ur team draft? Stephen Curry

    BQ2:Wayne Ellington=overlooked? yes

    BQ3:Good or bad for OKC to get Harden over guys like curry and rubio. I say good too.

    BQ4:Biggest bust of this draft? Blake Griffin

    BQ5:ROY next year? Steph Curry

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    BQ) Austin Daye, I wanted them to take Earl Clark but he wasn't there

    BQ2) He will surprise a lot of people.

    BQ3) I say really good. Harden is going to be awesome.

    BQ4) Blake Griffin

    BQ5) Stephen Curry

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    I think the draft is pretty good, pretty much agree with your list.

    BQ: Jordan Hill and we got Douglas from Lakers.

    BQ2: He is decent.

    BQ3: Good they need a versatile SG.

    BQ4: Thabeet or Rubio.

    BQ5: Blake Griffin

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    My thoughts are i am still sucking LeBron James's **** hard at night.

    and that it hurts me that Kobe Bryant is the best player in the world.

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